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Laughterland is a virtual space of emotional communication in which people all over the World can express and share Laughter to feel happy and relaxed.

Travelling to Laughterland is like returning to the Temple of the unforgettable experience

Expressing, living, feeling the magic of Laughter with people that love, respect and enjoy -as you do- the purest and happiest expression of the human being: Hearty Laughter.

Anytime and anywhere, you can call Risatel Laughter Hotline and share your Laughter with the World. It´s easy and comfortable to call from your office, the park or your home. As simple as doing click on the call button.


Laughterland is a new emotional dimension in which everybody gives and receives the finest feelings of the heart: peace, gratitude, enthusiasm, hope and love to life.

When you discover Laughterland you also discover your real Laughter; the music of the soul. An absolutely free Laughter which does not depends on anything else but you. It is not difficult to laugh from heart; surround yourself comfortably with calm and silence, sit or lie down with a straight back, completely relaxed, feeling the breath in your tummy.

Now you are ready to call.

After a friendly hello! we express natural sounds (yawn, grumble, cough, sigh...) and expressions (mmhm, oooh, yum yum...) and so, it can easily be converted into real Laughter when you do it in  pairs or in groups.

Laughter is infectious, Laughter is contagious and it spreads when you laugh in company and listen to the other people´s Laughter. Entering Laughterland is a deep and exciting journey to joy and wellness.

A healthy and funny alternative to the Tower of Babel.

A place where we express and communicate ourselves from the spirit of mirth; with no words. Without the confusion we feel when our mind is distant from the feelings of our true guide in life: the heart.

Laughter, the Universal Language capable of uniting mankind.



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