Laughter Formula

L = s + b + w 



Sit or lie down in a cosy room or in a place of nature where you feel good. Keep your spine straight. A peaceful, nice place is the first element you need to enhance a state of calm and relaxation.



Close your eyes and breathe deeply feeling your energy in the tummy. Let all thoughts pass. If thoughts arise, treat them as "clouds passing by". Just let them pass. Focus your attention on your slow, deep breath. In this way, you relax your body and mind to get ready to enjoy in the river of Laughter.


will to laugh

Wish to laugh. It is that simple.

Your will has the power to make your dreams come true as long as you want it sincerely.                                                           If you wish love, you will attract love in your life.                           If you wish peace, you will attract peace in your life.                    If you wish happiness, you will attract happiness in your life.

Desire is a real magnet that attracts experiences arising from your own will.

In short, with just a nice place, deep breathing and your will to laugh this Laughter Formula is 100% effective.


...and what if I cannot laugh yet?

It´s very simple. Just listen to the other people´s Laughter and soon you´ll be laughing too. Laughter is contagious!


laugh to top



Laugh in pairs and in groups with Laughter lovers like yourself.

At any time you can change groups to refresh with new Laughter waves.

Share your Laughter with the World!

Máximum: 20 min.

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