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Laughter exercises




Real Laughter comes from love and gratitude, from little things of life.

This Laughter flows like a feeling of pure love that springs from the heart. True Laughter, deep, sincere, full of goodness is related to the heartbeat, which is our centre.

In the beginning, it is interesting to clarify the concept of Laughter and so we can distinguish between Mental Laughter and Emotional Laughter.

In essence, there are two kinds of Laughter; one which springs from the heart as a pure feeling, and the other one which springs from the kidneys as a result of emotions and the ego.

Hearty Laughter goes up to our brain releasing neurotransmitters. It shows a deep and harmonious vibration in the belly that convulses all our body, comes back to the heart and shows its expression in our face, colouring and rejuvenating ourselves; it is the essence of love.

Whereas, kidneys Laughter arises as a defense and a response of insecurity of our emotions and personal projections. This kind of Laughter secretes hormones which give us euphoria, nervousness, susceptibility; it is a shrill, hysterical and threatening Laughter that weakens our energy and keep us tired and with a feeling of emptiness.

Hearty Laughter is the purest expression of our state of gratitude and love in our daily life.


 1. The food of Laughter  

To practise this exercise is important to stay your backbone straight, whether you are standing up or lying down.

The first food of Laughter is the air. In fact, Laughter loves the air, specially when you savour it calmly.The more deep breaths you get into your body the better you feel. The overbreathing enables Laughter, eliminates toxic gases and humidity in the lungs; it clears them to enhance Laughter.

Afterwards, let´s start exaggerated breathing, a lot of deep breaths of air...much more... till you feel a little bit dizzy. This sensation of gentle dizzy spell is very interesting to stop the mind and its stagnant thoughts.If you cause dizzy spell, so much the better. See if you can lose thoughts: If I think I don´t laugh and If I laugh I don´t think.”

Thoughts and Laughter are incompatible.

The second food of Laughter is visualization.

Let´s imagine and feel that Laughter is in the particles of the air, is hidden in the reliefs of the shapes, in the heart of colours, in the bubbles of the water, in a sunbeam, in the eyes of people, in the sap of plants, in its leaves, in its petals, in its pistils, in its pollen, in its seeds and roots.

Let´s imagine that Laughter is hidden behind every thought of us, behind every cell of us, behind every of our steps, behind every movement, every heartbeat, in the seeds of the fruits we eat, in our blood, in the core of stones, in the rays of crystalline stones. 

Let´s imagine that Laughter is hidden in the music, in its notes, that travels through its vibration, is hidden in a song, is hidden in the world of sound, behind every noise.

Let´s imagine that Laughter is hidden in the street, in the window, in the places where are lovers, the places where artists find inspiration, behind a guitar, behind powerful drums, hidden in the caressing breeze, in your head, in your hair, between the fingers, between your legs, in your feet, is hidden behind sadness, solitude, behind any kind of illness, behind the hate, jealousy and coldness.

Remember that life is finally a great guffaw and Laughter is hidden in every mistery, in the blue of the sky, hidden in your mirror, in your skin. Laughter is hidden in love, in a birth, in the same life.

All this assistance I give you to practise and train your Laughter get it as a tool of support to access to your Laughter. Don´t consider it as a rule because every human being is a world full of stories lived with love or with fear and this barometer of behaviour varies totally the individual results of this practises.

The third food of Laughter is the unblocking. You get it through varied sounds and a very expressive and exaggerated cough. It will facilitate you the following accesses.

Sounds are very grateful for our senses and for creating striking and contradictory situations:

The most healthy and detonating sounds of Laughter are related to babies or our beloved old people.

It´s a question of imagination and start a variety of sounds that challenge the reign of our mind. Say to Mr. Mind that leaves you alone for a while from his shames, sensations of ridicule, intolerance, doubts, criticism.

A very curious way of trying your ability to be like kids is making babblings and funny sounds like babies. The more you go into this technique with no judgement, the more ability you have to internalize yourself and connect with your Laughter.

It´s important that you be able to practise the following exercises lying down in a suitable place, surrounded in a pleasant atmosphere of silence and comfort.

Next, let´s remember the visualizations to be the most captivating and receiver magnet of Laughter; feel how your body creates spaces and get ready for receiving Laughter.

Outside like a delightful rain, delicate and mild, and inside like water and air that feeds everything, and arrives everywhere.

You will feel the joy of Laughter in your heart; keep it and make it grow with not too much sound, nearly silent.

You will feel how this joy start spreading like a pleasant pins and needles through all the cells of your body.

From this moment, you´ll be able to decide the vibration exercises, from silence, or the ludic,dynamic and funny exercises of your creativity.

You will show yourself how funny you are.


2. Vowel and consonant Laughter  

If you decide to practise the most expressive and resounding Laughter, I invite you to practise and compose a real combination of vowels and consonants that enhance Laughter, like ha, he, hi, ho, hu or za, ze, zi, zo, zu or ta te ti to tu.

You can create the most expressive and funny compositions that enable a deep and natural Laughter.


3. Combination of Laughter and breathing

If you get to discipline your mind and all the paraphernalia that surrounds it, you´ll certainly be laughing a lot.

In this case, you´ll have to begin to combine inhalations and exhalations alternating with a rest and the convulsions of Laughter. I inhale and my Laughter becomes stronger, and I exhale with a beautiful guffaw. Next, you can inhale and exhale to have a rest. You can alternate both actions.


4. Anchorage and collection of Laughter

When Laughter wakes up and start walking your body, you have to pay attention to anchor it in the heart. Also it is very important that you learn and practise to gather the guffaws.

Babies do it very well naturally. A lot of people emit a sound parallel to Laughter that unconsciously use it as a way to gather guffaws. An example is the sound similar to the grunt of a pig that some people make spontaneously to internalize Laughter.

Between guffaw and guffaw enjoy and alternate them with silent Laughter and being conscious of the joy of the heart. Observe your body, its reactions from where you anchor your Laughter.

Whether you handle your Laughter or it handles you.

Whether you control it or it uncontrols you.

Whether it comes from inside or outside.

Whether you are Laughter or you walk through it.

What is Laughter?

Why does it flow easier through the healthiest parts of your body?

Why does Laughter run away when the mind dominates?

Why don´t Laughter reach to some parts of your body which are more blocked?

Whether you inhale Laughter or it inhales you.


5. Laughing with your body

For those who have experience and want to rise the level in the practise of Laughter I invite you to handle and take it for a walk through your body consciously just to please yourself:

Now we laugh with our feet, now I laugh only with my arms, I laugh with my ears, with my eyelashes...


6. Strenghtening Laughter

Do you want a higher level? Then be ready.

You have to gather all the guffaws and place them in the heart, with a nearly imperceptible Laughter but very oxygenated, with some good deep breaths and much vibration.

Now you will take your conscience to the two edges of the digestive system: lips and tongue, and anal sphincter, involving all the pubi-coccyx muscles.

Let´s do exercises of maintained contraction and relaxation while laughing.

These are renovating and powerful Laughter for those who work on it.


7. Purirying Laughter

If your mind is trained, you´ll be able to have every intention of working on your powerful Laughter and so you´ll have it at your disposal to get rid of obsessions, images, phobias or outmoded memories.

Make use of this power you have to do a inner revision of your body and with a bit of sensitivity you´ll be able to feel the most blocked parts of you, and even the most lifeless and ill parts of you.

So, Laughter is like crystal-clear water of a river that cleans and makes flow all your sleepy energies.

It would be ok if from the world of Laughter and with Laughter you make a revision of all that strenghten your energy, since you were born, as a personal essence.

And with a lot of Laughter, visualize situations and people that diminish your personal power to regain the reins of your life and your future through Laughter.


8. Rhythm and Laughter

Another proposal I offer you would be to train yourself in the rhythm of the earth, of the sea and of the air.

And now, let´s see how you centre on them to intergrate these three rhythms.The heart represents the earth, that adapts itself to the to-ing and fro-ing of the waves, in deep and harmonious communions with the air.In time to the heart percussion, with the caressing sound of the travel of the air through your body, in harmony with the dance of the sea.

Let´s enjoy and celebrate life with Laughter, the music of the soul!

9. Empowering Laughter

If you are really motivated, with the same dedication, excitement and deep respect towards this matter as I am, I will make you go up another step: when you be very aware of practising the art of laughing with conscience, it´s very important that you connect with the base of your backbone, and from here you have to remember all the exercises of contraction and relaxation of the pubis-coccyx muscle.

This exercise will connect you from your deepest base and you will use it for being anchored to yourself.

When you remember this practises of energetic accumulation, make use of it and put some exercises into practise. Don´t forget that the more you keep this muscle contracted the more you fill the energetic channels and pools of your body.

Often some people have no strenght to laugh because they have no energetic reserve, they are run down. We lose and run down our daily battery with our gossips, doubts, complaints, defenses, etc. and by delegating our lives to the most varied reasons. Then, we don´t feel like laughing and have not even the strength to it.

When we pressure all these muscles, as if we hold on the urine, we strenghten the base of the backbone and we recover from any tiredness of idleness.

10. Inner Laughter

A higher level.

While laughing, you can access to some memories that can be interesting for you.

With deep respect and from this grand and divine Laughter, go inside spiral of lights, inside a drop of water, inside a flower, inside your own body. Travel from your funny fantasy through Laughter.

11. Songs and Laughter

Try to integrate a mixture o Laughter and songs and have fun!. Then you´ll see what an explosive combination and all its possibilities.

12. Mirror Laughter

You can be standing yp or lying down.

If you choose to be standing up, look for a big mirror and look at yourself with love, with looseness and recognizing yourself in the mirror. Inhale deeply of satisfaction, because you have no intention of changing anything of yourself.

And then play with your eyes, your tongue, your lips, you have never stop being a child.

Allow your mind to become still and blank.

Forget yourself and enjoy what you are doing!


13. Laughter in Nature

If we really want to connect with a deep, powerful Laughter, we must look for it in Nature.

For example:

Looking at a cloud and trying to laugh with it; beside a lake or a waterfall, laughing with its music, listening to the “concert” of the birds, crickets (I sometimes love laughing with the frogs or the waves).

And by adding your Laughter, you will see that they also listen to you and change their intonation, their modulation, their tune, making in their harmonic songs a space for your Laughter.

Choose a tree and try out what happens if you want to practise your Laughter in the middle of a wood; in a garden, looking at the blue of the sky and if you are near the sea, go and share your Laughter with the waves or laugh with the rain.


14. Indoor Laughter

There´s a silent but vibrating Laughter which is complementary with the previous one (Laughter in Nature).

To connect with this kind of Laughter you have to favour the ideal atmosphere.

For example:

Surround yourself with objects and symbols that help you to laugh. Develop your room and create an environment that arouses and internalize your Laughter. For that, you can begin to train a deeper way to laugh.

Choose a plant and everytime you see it laugh with your heart (with no expression), like poker players, immovable outside but pure fire inside.


 15. Colour Laughter: the Fountain of Love

Firstly, position yourself in your favourite place and sit down or, better still, lie down with your backbone straight. If it is possible, enjoying a beautiful scenery.

Practise some sighs and deep, delightful inhalations, giving to yourself good breathings, combining if you like with some aroma: incense of myrrh, of roses, of lilacs, of violets, or fuits cut into pieces in a container filled with water, to pace on it any fruit available to you. I suggest that your clothes be to your liking, if possible, made with natural fiber: cotton, linen, silk, etc.

Now, you will connect with your centre, with the solar plexus of your heart.

The hollow of your hand, a container or magic shells of the sea will be very useful to calm your mind. Now take as long as you like to enjoy with yourself, with the silence of your mind and the calm of your heart.

Give a colour to any thought that appears and center on the plexus of your heart to feel inside your warmth, your rhythm.Be careful with uncontrolled thoughts because they make a lot of noise even though you cannot hear them and frighten away the true moments, from you for you.

Now you can feel a great fountain like a cannon of light that springs from your inside and you find it in your heart massaging all your muscles.Feel the calm, the peace, the special island of yourself and the powerful connection with the here and now, as the best present.

Imagine that yo can see your projection of love for everything and all in colours, and well center on yourself, you start a travel from the colour to everything you see, a chair, a wall, a bird, a fountain, anybody, a fruit, a stone, a tree, a mountain, the sea.

You begin to express your love from silence and with the most fanciful colours that you can imagine. If some people appear in your heart in this moment, you can also colour them from your love. There is no colour excluded of the Fountain of Love. All colours are suitable to incorporate new experiences.

It is very important to colour the exit of the labyrinth and rescue ourselves with all kind of presents: visualizations of the circle of love for ourselves, nice colours of the rainbow and clarify the messages and orders we send to our mind to regain our dignity, our physical beauty, the marine calm of our feelings.

Now you accept and love yourself as you are!

Take as long as you need and more for surrounding in the island of love, in the circle of love, in the rainbow that transmutes and which is able of everything, of uniting us trhough love.


* extracted from the book "The power of Laughter" Mª Cruz García Rodera, gelotologist specialized in the psychological and physiological benefits of Laughter.

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