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Laugh with me! hosted by risatel_laughter_hotline.

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Community guidelines


This is the anteroom of Laughterland. Here you can make friends and share Laughter  just for the sheer joy of it!


By entering this chatroom you agree to follow these Guidelines.


1. Appropiate Language: The purpose of this chatroom is to exchange ideas, feelings and inspirations about laughing on the phone. No one can stop you using your native language, but since chatters are multi-racial, English is the appropiate language of conversation.

2. Relevance to Topics: Please make sure that chat conversations are relevant to the subject at hand. It is normal for some topics to drift from the stated subject. However, to ensure maximum benefit for everyone, please keep your postings as close to the subject as possible.

3. Please treat all other chat participants with cortesy and do not use this chatroom to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse other users. Please avoid personal attacks, slurs, and profanity in your interactions.


See also Guidelines for Laughter Hotline.



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