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Laughter Chants


Chanting is a means of preserving health and well-being. Even medical science has accepted this. Research shows that the use of sound can stabilize heart rate, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, produce endorphins and aid the process of metabolism.

Says an expert, "When we chant, it cleanses the mind like water cleanses the body." A relaxed state of mind is a sign of good mental and physical health.

The resonance of Laughter Chants are excellent for our body and our mind.

Imagine a shell near the line of the foamy sea. Specially imagine that the waves of the sea are Laughter and you are this shell, feeling in you the vibration of the rippling Laughter.

This image is the best way to form an impression of the power of Laughter and Chanting in ourselves.

Depending on the vocals and consonant we pronounce in our Laughter Chants we will massage certain parts of our body or another ones.

In other words, it´s not the same to practice Laughter Chants with ha ha haaa,  with he he heee, or with ho ho hooo.

The vibration of Laughter walks around our body and give us all the treasures of Joy and Relaxation.

Laughter massages internal organs by enhancing the blood supply and increasing their efficiency.

You can practice this Laughter Chants standing up, sitting down or lying down. It´s very important to keep your backbone straight, breath slowly and deeply feeling your breath in the tummy, and remain your mind calm.

Enjoy Laughter Chants and compose yourself the melodies of your life!


ha ha haaa

 When we laugh with the vowel A, together with the consonants  B, C, and D, we emit sounds really curative for our kidneys and bladder and it is a great way to turn fear and apathy into bravery and enthusiasm.

B, C, D + A  =               ha, ba, ca, da


he he heee

 If we laugh and chant with the vowel E, together with consonants F, G, H, It will benefit the liver, the gall-bladder and the muscles. It improves the sense of sight and strengthen tendons and muscles. It enhance acceptance and self-confidence.

F, G, H + E =                     he, fe, ge, he


hi hi hiii

Enjoy chanting with vowel I, together with consonants J, K, L, M, N.  It causes a vibration around the neck. By chanting with hi hi hiiii you relax and relieve neck strain. It benefits the heart and small intestine. It activates the circulatory system and so it is beneficial to prevent varicose veins. Laughing with hi is good for the nervous system. It balances the sense of touch. It gives joy and enthusiasm, enhancing creativity.

J, K, L, M, N + I =              hi, ji, ki, li, mi, ni


ho ho hooo

Laugh with vowel O, together with consonants P, Q, R, S, T. It causes a vibration of the head (brain area), affecting the pineal gland, the hypophysis, the pituitary and the hypothalamus. It liberates energy from stomach, spleen and pancreas. It acts on the connective tissue and therefore, it helps to fight against cellulitis. It balances the sense of taste and overcomes the fear to acting.

P, Q, R, S, T  + O =             ho, po, qo, ro, so, to


hu hu huuu

Chanting and laughing with vowel U, together with consonants V, X, Y, Z shakes the lung area (by the back) and also benefits large intestine.  It improves the sense of smell. It breaks down memories and blocks from the past.

V, X, Y, Z + U =                  hu, vu, xu, yu, zu


So now go ahead, chant and be happy!


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