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History Of Risatel Laughter Hotline



In December 2004, Oscar Visquert, a Laughter Therapy Teacher from Valencia, Spain discovered a new way to spread Hearty Laughter: the telephone.


Alice, a girl who also studied Laughter Therapy –a refresher course- , talked to him about the stimulating conversation she sometimes held with  workmates of this activity on the phone.

“And what do you talk about?”-said Oscar with the curiosity of a child who is about to find a new toy…

“We talk about nothing.”


Nothing. She affirmed it with a wide beautiful smile, enjoying with his amazing face.

At that moment a new land arose before his eyes…Laughterland.


“And then, what do you do?”

“We laugh. Yes, it´s simple. We say hello and after doing some funny sounds, like biting Laughter, we let ourselves flow in the river of Laughter!”


It was at that moment that Oscar started this wonderful journey towards the temple of the Heart, and that time he took a hidden path which led him to Laughterland, that is, laughing on the phone.


It would not be easy. Some people felt weird about laughing without a reason. They often asked him: Don´t you tell jokes? Why are you laughing in Laughter Hotline?


And then he replied: “Does one need a reason to fall in love?”

or “Does one need a reason to give free hugs in the street?

Great things in life don´t need a reason to be.


All of us forget the treasure of Laughter as we become adult.

We use to laugh for a reason: a fall, a silly face, a joke. And Laughter Hotline is conceived to free our Laughter and spread the spirit of mirth throughout every human heart.


When you laugh without a reason you find a new light inside you; the freedom to laugh whenever you like. You will never depend on anyone nor anything again to feel it.


Oscar finished his studies about Laughter Therapy in February 2005. He had already started holding Laughter Therapy Workshops in December 2004.


Sometimes you feel ready to do something and you just do it.


It exactly happened to him and soon he found himself ready to work as a creative in the area of Personal Growth and Laughter Therapy.


He spread the spirit of Laughter across the gardens, hotels, restaurants, pubs and cultural centers. Kids, teenagers, artists, mothers,etc. attended his Laughter workshops and all together celebrate now the magic of present, celebrate Life with Laughter.


In June 2007 he started Laughter Hotline from a landline Call Center. At those days he rode a “laughter-bike” through the villages and narrow streets of Spain to promote Risatel.



He was a strange creature appearing from the nothing and surprised old peasants and naughty kids as he passed through with his vivid shapes and colours.


The eyes of amazement at his presence is a happy thought that will always make him smile.

He had to find a technology to open Laughter Hotline to the world.  It could not be otherwise; soon in September 2007 Laughter Hotline moved to Skype.


In that time Skype was almost unknown for him. Oscar had sometimes seen it in the computers of the library and Skype was just a nice blue bottle top.

It was still a tiny seed -but a powerful and fertile one-.

Nowadays Skype is not simply a promise. Skype is the best tool for the World communications over the Internet.

And now Skypephone will open a new field in the area of business and personal  communications breaking all the borders to  take our voice -and our Laughter-  to any place of the planet.



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