Happy Break


We all need to slow down throughout the day and take some time to relax.

Do you find that the daily pressures of life cause you to become tense and make it difficult for you to relax? Does that at times contribute to a feeling of tiredness and depression? If so, Laughter Hotline may be a refreshing break from work, study or daily life.

With just 10 or 15 minutes you will feel good laughing in groups with people all over the World.

Travel to Laughterland, enjoy an exciting experience and come back to everyday struggle with a smile and sparkling eyes.



"Our work days can be very stressful, so having an opportunity to laugh was wonderful."


"My work as a lawyer regularly requires me to be in a serious frame of mind for hours. I therefore enjoy any excuse to laugh as a break from my serious work."


"I really enjoyed this laughing experience. I felt very relaxed and upbeat when I left. Humour really does work to make you feel good. We even wore our red noses to work the next day and made everybody else laugh as well. Now, when we are having a stressful day or are dealing with a difficult situation, we just say "Let´s wear our noses today" and somehow we seem to feel better."


"I love Laughter on the phone because when I laughed it made me feel good and brave. I also enjoyed the funny sounds because it made me laugh too. Thank you."


"Laughter is the all ages activity. I believe the difference between people who die young and those who live long healthy happy lives, is attitude. If you can´t laugh at life, you are in trouble."

Bill A.

"Hey guys - this is the most fun you can have with your boots on."        Mike L.

"The old adage of "Laughter is contagious" is true! And while you´re laughing, you can´t be thinking about anything else except how wonderful it feels to laugh. Laughter truly is the best medecine. Let the laughter begin."

L. O´Donnell

"I thought I laugh a lot, however, my cheeks hurt from laughing after we did the two minutes of sustained laughter. So, I guess there are laughter muscles that I don't exercise enough."

Lauren K.



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