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live  laugh to the fullest!


The best atmosphere 

Before making the phone call:

  • Surround yourself with an atmosphere of peace and quiet.
  • Reduce the intensity of the light and close your eyes to better feel yourself in the river of Laughter.
  • Sit or lie down with a straight back, completely relaxed, feeling the breath in your tummy and allow your mind to become still and blank.

  • Call now. Just relax and let the Laughter begin.
  • Please keep talking to a minimum, words can get in the way.
  • Combine Laughter and deep breathing to avoid discomfort and pain.


Laugh and feel good!




Ways to enhance Laughter:


  • Words aren´t required, just laugh and be happy.

  • Enjoy combining emotional expressions: yawn, kiss, cough, grumble, sigh, mmm, ooooh, yeaaah,  yum yum, heeey...  with slow, deep breathing.
  •  In this way you free your mind and it´s easy to laugh.  


Discover the Laughter Formula and exercices to enjoy Laughterland.



Read carefully Community Guidelines before calling Laughter Hotline.




laugh to top



Laugh in pairs and in groups with Laughter lovers like yourself.

At any time you can change groups to refresh with new Laughter waves.

Share your Laughter with the World!

Máximum: 20 min.

English, Spanish

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