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 Welcome|Bienvenidos|歡迎|Benvenuti|Bienvenue|Willkommen|Boa vinda|환영|приветствовать|歓迎

 добре дошли|Vítejte|Dobro došli|Velkommen|Tervetuloa|Καλώς ορίσατε|स्वागत|Welkom|Velkommen|Witamy |Bun venit|Välkommen| مرحبا                                                                                              


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You can help Risatel change the World.



Imagine a World where everybody could smile and share

Hearty Laughter with somebody else."

Oscar Visquert, founder of Risatel Laughter Hotline.



Support Healing through Laughter with your generous donation to Risatel Laughter Hotline. Your help will enhance the quality of life for patients, their families and friends.


Give a Present of Laughter


Risatel Laughter Hotline is supported by:

  • Contributions from Laughter friends all over the world 
  • Private donations 
  • Gifts from the faith community

In order to meet the needs of callers, Risatel Laughter Hotline depends on community support.


Risatel Laughter Hotline would like to give special recognition to Mª Cruz García and Andreu Hervás, founders of Salud Inteligente in Barcelona, Spain; You showed me the way which leads to Love and Laughter.



                       Andreu Hervas         Mª Cruz García


And also thanks to Francis Monferrer; You played with me and we opened together the box of fun! ;)


Their generosity and support is greatly appreciated. 




Risatel Laughter Hotline relies on the support of many individuals, community groups, service clubs and corporations and would like to thank everyone who has donated time, gifts, and funding.

Without this support Risatel  could not continue to offer valuable programs to enhance health and well-being through Laughter Therapy Workshops, Laughter Club of Valencia Foundation and Laughter Facilitation Hotline.

We hope that your health and quality of life improve, we know how important laughing is and we are happy to share our smiles and Laughter with you!

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