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 Why  Laughter Hotline?

Our world is deserted of Laughter.

In modern life there´s a great competitiveness and demanding that causes discomfort and stress. There are not many reasons that make us laugh. Laughter we practice in our daily life is slim and superficial and doesn´t succeed to benefit our health as research has shown.


Is true that Laughter is the best medecine?

Sure. Five minutes of Laughter acts as a painkiller with no side effects. What is more, there´s no other medicine in the world that takes effect as quick as it does with Laughter.


 Has it got scientific basis?

Science has proved it: Laughter has a stimulating and relaxing effect and provides a deep well-being. Specialists affirm that the brain secretes endorphin, an hormone that reduces pain and give us optimism, when we laugh.


 What am I laughing at in Risatel?

At nothing at all! We laugh for the simple pleasure of laughing. From silence, breathing and a strong will we lead to happiness. We simply laugh and let it flow.


Why should I close my eyes?

It is recommended that you close your eyes to let yourself flow in the river of Laughter much easier.

Sight is the most rational sense and it keeps you away from feelings and Laughter, which is a pure emotion.

If I´m thinking I´m not laughing. 

If I´m laughing I´m not thinking. 

Laughter and thoughts are absolutely incompatible.

  What if I don't feel like laughing?

It´s very simple. Just listen to the other people´s Laughter and soon you´ll be laughing too. Laughter is contagious!


  Why do we  combine Laughter and breathing?

In Risatel Laughter Hotline it´s very important to combine Laughter and breathing.

In doing so, our breathing pattern passes from quick to slow and deep, and avoid discomfort and strain. Then you can leave yourself flow in Hearty Laughter.


Can we laugh as much as we like?

Laughter that flows through our heart always makes us feel good. However, Laughing is a powerful form of exercise that gives you more of a cardiovascular workout than many "regular" aerobic activities.

A Laughter call lasts 20 minutes maximum.

Anything beyond 20 minutes is in the red zone and may adversely affect a lot of people, especially seniors. Use your common sense: no strain, no new pains.



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