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Alphabet Laughter




The Wave of Laughter


The body benefits from the resonance of Laughter, from its vibration. When we pronounce and combine Laughter with the range of alphabet it has a frequency wave that is emitted in Hertz (Hz), that is, the number of times that a sound wave vibrates in a second.


With this practice, we make different wavelengths resound inside us. By emitting these sounds, the body will relax or get excited depending on these combinations, among consonants and vowels, and its meaning.


These resonances are directly related to the echo and the heartbeat, causing an acceleration -or tachycardia-, or a state of relaxation -or bradycardia-, depending on the intensity, frequency and movement that we use when expressing Laughter.



The "magic fingers" of Laugher


Everytime we speak, we emit sounds inside us with words; this is why, the tones of voice, our chants and Laughter, our inner music, and its harmonies, can be the trigger for the most pragmatic healing available to us.


The “magic fingers” of Laughter inside us give a constant massage to the digestive tract and also improves blood supply to all the internal organs. Laughter stimulates blood circulation which helps to transport nutrients all over the body and it also strengthens our respiratory apparatus which supplies oxygen to the body.


Laughter of the Vowels and Consonants


All the vowels and consonants of Laughter, with the whole alphabet and combined among them, restore, rehabilitate and protect the central nervous system.


After years of research, scientists have discovered that Laughter can trigger beneficial chemical and physiological changes in the body.

Laughter reduces worker stress and boosts productivity because it increases blood circulation, feeds oxygen to the brain, and pumps out hormones that aid alertness. It also has been found to release the body's natural pain-killing endorphins and enhance the immune system.


Laughter Waves resume and regenerate anatomical structures and the matter is enough interesting to continue doing research on this point.




(JA, BA, CA, DA)


It´s the most frequent vowel and you fully open your mouth in all its splendor, stretching yourself and expanding your breast. HA is the guffaw par excellence. When you laugh with the vowel A together with J, B, C, and D, It produces a vibration in the area of the kidneys, the hips and the tummy. And then it activates their functions and fill them with energy.

It activates suprarenal glands and acts on the adrenaline and the noradrenaline giving gusts of energy to the organism. It reduces the fear and strengthen the bravery.

And what is more, it activates sex power in men and it is good for the ovaries and womb in women.



(FE, GE, HE)


It´s the diplomatic Laughter and, to a certain extent, it expresses subtlety. When you laugh with the vowel E together with F, G, and H, it produces a vibration under the ribs. It releases energy from the liver, the gall-bladder and the muscular tissue. It is effective for reducing the anger and the internal stress. It enhances tolerance, patience and facilitates the digestion process.



(JI, KI, LI, MI, NI)


Laughing with HI is optimistic and pleasant. This is a frolicking Laughter. When you laugh with the vowel I together with J, K, L, M, and N, it produces a vibration in the area of the neck and the heart. It enhances creativity and intuition. It acts on the nervous system and stimulates the thyroid gland. It helps to lose weight because the act of laughing reduces fatty acids and toxic substances and  scientists have found that a good laugh is a calorie burner not to be ignored.

It also acts in the small intestine and activates blood circulation, and so it´s appropiate in case of varicose veins.



(PO, QO, RO, SO, TO)


It reminds you Santa Claus inviting you to enjoy a belly Laugh.

When you laugh with the vowel O together with P, Q, R, S and T the vibration is transmitted to the head, and it affects the pineal gland, the hypophysis, the pituitary and the hypothalamus.

It releases energy from the digestive system (from the mouth to the anus), spleen and pancreas.

This is a good Laughter after dessert, because it helps you in the process of digestion and in case of cellulite treatment.



(VU, XU, YU, ZU)


It is a dark Laughter. The lowest tune and vibration but it is very powerful if you practice this Laughter frequently.

When you laugh with the vowel U together with V, X, Y, and Z, it activates the area of the lungs controlling the breathing alterations. Highly recommended for releasing emotions and restore the balance of the large intestine when it becomes strained because of stress. It breaks the negative effects of painful thoughts, frustrations and mental blocks of the past.





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