About us


Risatel is a young, dynamic group pioneer in Laughter Facilitation Service on the phone.


We have a valuable humane team working to announce

Laughterland to everybody regardless of age, gender, race, religion or political beliefs.


Yes, we are like kids, and love waking the spirit of mirth inside you.


Our objective is to spread the power of Laughter to all hearts, families, hospitals, companies and continually work to achieve a healthy and happy world.




It´s time to laugh.


Natural Laughter is like a spring. It flows spontaneously from our hearts leading us to pure happiness. 


Risatel Laughter Hotline offers you a little piece of fun.

Share your Laughter with the World!



























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Laugh in pairs and in groups with Laughter lovers like yourself.

At any time you can change groups to refresh with new Laughter waves.

Share your Laughter with the World!

Máximum: 20 min.

English, Spanish

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