Laughter Hotline



Risatel Laughter Hotline is a telephone service that facilitates Hearty Laughter on Skype. Enjoy the pleasure of laughing in pairs and in groups with Laughter friends all over the World.

If you want to laugh daily and experience the healing power of Laughter for both mental and physical wellness...hahahaa CONGRATULATIONS! have discovered Laughterland

Call Risatel and, after a quick hello or a brief conversation, let yourself flow in the river of Laughter. It is that simple.              Change groups now and again and go on laughing just for the sheer joy of it. 

Have a refreshing bath of Laughter as a happy break and come back to everyday struggle with full energy and smile.

The World has forgotten the joy of laughing to feel good. Rediscover Laughter and open your heart to happiness and relax.

Read Guidelines and learn the best way to flow yourself in the river of Laughter.

Discover the Laughter formula to ensure happiness and relax.


Search Laughter Friends all over the World!





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