LaughingSkull - Cerebral Progressive Goth Fusion Metal

Welcome to the pages of LaughingSkull!

As you reading this, the first bars of the music have started already ...
If you have aversion to music that should be listened with more than just ears, then perhaps this is not the best place to be. But why not give it a chance?
Those who would like to experience the journeys of mind and soul through the series of instrumental music, welcome.

On the harder side of the rock

Even though the tunes wander from soft jazzy meadows and explores the harder side of the rock, and sometimes delves deep into brutal metallic destruction; fear not. You might not like any or all of these genres, but still enjoy the unique blend, fusion of all of the above. It is greater than sum of all parts.

Music that heals

All music has healing quality, but LaughingSkull is focused on healing the mind and soul. Indulge yourself with a copy of an album and start the journey.

One site to rule them all

This site will for the time being serve as an index or conduit site for all my web music portals. Go to Skull's Web to visit them all.
There are also links to download free music.

LaughingSkull - instrumental progressive rock metal

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