Ms. El Onache & Mrs. Conner hosted our annual Lauffer Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 25th from 8-10am. This was a day to stop by with your parents, family members, or guardians to volunteer, make crafts, and help make Lauffer a kind & beautiful campus. This year, we beautified the school, starting with the guard shack in front. The transformation is amazing.  Thank You to all who showed up to help! 



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The Ben's Bells Project

During the 2013-2014 school year, Lauffer adopted the "Be Kind" phrase as a way to counteract bullying.  Our Student of the Month celebrations honored students for being kind. The Kindness Club and Advanced Art students took part in creating a beautiful mural that is now on the front of the Lauffer Building.  Stop by and take a look at it. 


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