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The ENCOUNTER is a new model to help connect  design studios to projects in much needed places in our communities. These projects act as economic development agents and innovation actions from within.  It requires the student to take action with a high level of personal engagement. Students learn from the experience of trying to solve real world problems.

The outcomes of these design solutions are holistic and sustainable. On the other hand, the ENCOUNTER facilitates personal experiences with new technologies for professionals, government  agency employees and people from the communities.
The ENCOUNTER provides a human platform for innovation and change. In a  nurturing environment,  all stakeholders share ideas and technologies that  help  solve current challenges today. This access to innovation for the community is very important and in high demand.

The ENCOUNTER is a student and community leadership network of networks  to sustain our neighborhoods inside out. Some of the activities that happen at the ENCOUNTER are "Mind Mapping," "Think Tank Activities" and presentations about the interconnection among the multiple environments; socioeconomic, natural systems, human potential and human built.

E nvironmental and Entrepreneurial Design Neighborhood LEED

N etwork of networks to act in synergy and dynamic systems

C ommunication platform  for Higher Education to connect to the community                                  

O pen house, open heart, open mind thinking through art and expression

U niversal design for disabilities and social justice

N ew and Innovative design solutions that sustain and provide healthy living

T echnology Integration among multiple platforms; social media, geospatial tools, knowledge management

E thical behavior and empathic thinking

R enewable energy, recycle water and materials, access to food

This group meets the first Thursday of each month with the main goal to network, support each other and facilitate a larger group participation in the making, designing and operation of the built environment and its relationship to nature. 

The ENCOUNTER facilitates Urban Interventions and Business Incubators that transform the built environment through the life cycle of the building and the city.

Health impact from the Environment

"Design is the first act of Human Intention" William McDonough, "Cradle to Cradle"

The ENCOUNTER is a MODEL that can be used for higher education to connect to communities and neighborhood councils to literally see the relationships among all stakeholders.

The ENCOUNTER model also facilitates multiple fields, disciplines and industries  to work collaboratively, not as silos. The ENCOUNTER model facilitates an understating of the interrelationships and interdependence of the built environment, natural environment and social justice.

We also recognize the untapped talent in our communities and their visual intelligence capacity. This model provides nurturing environments where learning happens in the context of doing. We are aware of the importance of the built environment and its place in society.

 A revolution in architecture and environmental design has taken place. New tools such as GIS, CAD, Rapid Prototype, BIM and 3D Modeling facilitate an unprecedented analytically and comprehensive means of looking at human-made ecosystems and their relationship with the planet earth. With these new lenses, we are able to see patterns and relationships we could not see before.
These new tools hold the promise to help us sustain ourselves on the planet. While some of these tools have been used successfully in design and construction for many years, they now support a broad range of additional applications, such as First Response, National Intelligence, Operations Planning, Emergency Management, American Disabilities Act, safety, space utilization and neighborhood planning.

Professor Marcela Oliva,
Jun 19, 2011, 8:43 PM
Professor Marcela Oliva,
Jun 19, 2011, 8:43 PM