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The World According to Sartre: A discussion between Philipa Rothfield and Jo Faulkner.

Nietzsche: David Rathbone talks to Jo Faulkner about Nietzsche, philosophy, and music


Who is Slavoj Zizek? With Matthew Sharpe, author of Slavoj Zizek: A Little Piece of the Real



About the Show 

During 2004 and 2005, the postgraduate students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, produced their own weekly philosophy radio program, which was broadcast on the campus radio station Sub FM, and streamed live on the internet.

Although at present we are taking an extended break from the airwaves and the "internets", many of our previous programs are now archived. To listen, follow the links below.

When we do get back to it, some suggestions for future programs are listed below.


If you have any ideas for future programs, or would like to contribute to the program, please let us know, by emailing the address listed below.


Sub FM: Stream the show via the internet from this site.

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 The Dark Side - Philosophical Reflections on Evil and Death: Paul Brosche talks to Nick Trakakis (Philosophy, Monash) and Tim Oakley (Philosophy, La Trobe), and Simon Knight interviews David Tacey (English, La Trobe) 

Hegel: Jo Faulkner talks to George Vassilacopoulos (La Trobe) and Paul Ashton (La Trobe and Victoria University)

Luce Irigaray: Jo Faulkner interviews Linda Daley (RMIT) and Rebecca Hill (Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash and RMIT)

Leo Strauss: Jo Faulkner interviews Matthew Sharpe (Deakin) and Bryan Cooke (Melbourne)

Identity Cards: Security, Privacy, and the Anti-Terror Legislation: Jo Faulkner interviews Rob Sparrow (Philosophy, Monash), Jessica Wolfendale (CAPPE, Melbourne) and Peter Chen (National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash)

***More archived programs can be found here***

Another Australian radio program: Ghost in the Machine: A Sydney community radio program that deals specifically with bodies and minds, machines and memory.