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"Business in Transition" discussion series begins in April

posted Mar 25, 2012, 2:03 PM by J Poy
How can we care for each other, care for the earth, and share resources fairly, all while earning our own basic livelihoods?  The business world doesn’t necessarily have to mean a choice between Doing Good and Doing Well.  ‘Social enterprise’ is a way of addressing both at the same time.

In this 6-part discussion series, you'll meet other people who are curious about the idea of social enterprise, people who are operating/starting a "green" business, people who are exploring how business and economics might change in a changing world, and people who are interested in alternative economics in general.

The series is designed so that people who wish to start a social enterprise will gain a solid background in business considerations and the issues of the future in order to get their enterprise off the ground.

6 Sessions include:
  1.     "Doing good AND Doing Well" - balancing impact and profit - what's your mission?
  2.     "What is a Resilient Business" - what businesses will thrive and survive in a time of peak oil + climate change + economic contraction?
  3.     "For-profit, non-profit, cooperative, or ...?" - what types of business structure are best suited for resilience in an uncertain future?
  4.     "Lean enterprise" - hold a frugal mindset, not a poverty mindset
  5.     "Funding in an era of de-growth" - alternative and unique ways to find funding for your social enterprise
  6.     "Success: Sweat equity vs. Blood equity" - success and quality of life in a new era
Bonus workshops include:
  •     "A Business Plan for the new era" - not just for your banker, you need to commit a plan to paper
  •     "Marketing vs. Publicity" - how to get it for next-to-free
  •     "People skills" - team building, boards, and committees -- democratic management for a new era

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