banking ideas

At the core of the Mondragon network there is a bank

Ways we could create this here:

  1. Regional Time Bank
  2. LION-style investment circle
  3. taking over a credit union
    1. i.e. join the board and direct the investments to future-focused things

Regional Time Bank


  • to facilitate economic flow in the greater L.A. area despite shrinking cash flow
  • to facilitate the beginnings of a Mondragon-type cooperative network within the greater LA area
  • to facilitate an Eisenstein-inspired economy with new "sufficiency" attitudes about business and transactions


  • people can afford the goods and services you are offering, despite the tough economy
  • if you are out of work or underemplyed, you can still be a valued contributor within the local economy
  • business transactions and economic flow won't grind to a halt as the economy worsens
  • meanwhile, you're participating in what the economy of the future might be - a more intimate, sharing, more local economy, with a more level playing field, personal relationships and appreciation for each person's contribution


  • Four Corners style regional type time banking
  • run TLA operations via the time bank