Welcome to the Tour de Babille!

The Tour de Babille is an international family center in the north of Toulouse. The building is located in the village of Le Grès, on the border of the Cadours and Grenade districts, just off the D1 and only 35 minutes from Blagnac (view map). The center offers:
  • a day nursery from Monday till Friday for children 2,5month - 3 year old,
  • a before and afterschool club for children 3 - 6,
  • our little bristish school during wednesday afternoons for children aged 3 - 6 willing to take a deep dive into the English language. Discover more with our dedicated website The Yellow Submarine.

Our day nursery

The nursery offers an innovative educational project with the aim to offer families a venue dedicated to awaken the senses and development of each child at the same time as taking into account professional and family constraints.

   Activity curriculum

The cultural and linguistic diversity is one of the pillars of our project introducing the child at an early age to an activity programme within four different cultures and languages. Our international team is consists of French, English, German and Spanish staff. Our structure offers 10 permanent places with a qualified team of four, each with professional experience in early childhood. The latter ensures an above average ratio of staff to children. The crèche offers an ideal way for your child to discover early socialization in a safe, welcoming, environment, whilst their learning is stimulated in an innovative way.

We encourage parents to discover further the “world” of our crèche and that of early childhood curiosity and development.
  • The parents elect a representative and a deputy who are invited to regular information meetings. 
  • Our team is equally available for individual appointments and takes seriously the importance of keeping parents informed of all relevant points relating to the day-to-day life of their child within our structure. The use of a daily care book also ensures continual communication.
The motor development of children is encouraged with psychomotor structures within as well as outside.

The meals are carefully prepared at the crèche respecting the nutritional recommendations of early childhood and in compliance with the regulations of hygiene. We attach a specific interest in encouraging curiosity regarding taste, with mealtimes being an important social and learning part of the day.

   Parental life support

Our crèche seeks to provide families with a balance between the time spent with their children and their other daily or occasional obligations. We pay special attention to each individual child to ensure the transition between home and the child’s day at the crèche is as smooth as possible. To assist families we offer:
  • flexible, extended hours. 06.30 till 19.30 with a 9- or 10-hour-a-day price package available (for details see pricing page).
  • possibility of emergency care offered during the day for unforeseen circumstances (each case is considered individually; please contact us for further details).

    The premises

The premises are designed specifically to meet the rigorous regulations that are required for a crèche. Your child’s safety and security are the utmost in our minds. The health and safety policies regarding hygiene, food preparation, fire safety and security are in place and followed carefully by our team .The premises are inspected regularly by the different authorities governing health and safety aspects (especially Protection Maternelle Infantile equivalent to UK Offsted). For the security of your children, our personnel monitor the entrances of the building.

The layout of the building was finalized considering the daily activities and routine of the crèche, offering:
  • Two dormitories with five beds each.
  • Area specifically designed for babies, with specific toys, books to stimulate senses and development.
  • Central area for play and varied activities (including area for free and imaginary play, library area with books in the four different languages and larger equipment for active play).
  • Outside play area offering climbing structure, sand, water play and garden area.

Our Before/afterschool club

   Our club welcomes children aged 3-6 from 6h30 in the morning and till 19h30 at night.  Collection and pick up services can be organized via from home to the creche from 6h00 in the  morning till 20h00 in the evening via a third-party company.
 Those extended hours allow families to better manage professional and  family constraints, at    the same time as offering the child a unique linguistic  experience thorugh  games and activities  run in the various  languages of the family center (french, english,  spanish and german). 
 We take advantage of Wednesday afternoons to propose a program in english only, allowing  the child to experience a full immersion in the british language.

 For more information about the curriculum, visit our activity planning web page.