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 Latodami Nature Center!  
This site was created to inform the Public of our Programs and to Educate the General Public about the Environment and Wildlife of Western Pennsylvania

New information is being added to this website continuously, please check back often as educational pages are created and updated!
NEW! Check out our new weather station, created by Brody Knight for his Eagle Project, 2014, and get up to date weather data from the Nature Center:


NOTICE: We are having increased misuse of Nature Center property by dog walkers. Droppings are not being picked up and removed and the incidence of off-leash dog walkers is becoming a major nuisance. Multiple encounters, as reported by staff and the general public, of aggressive approaches by off-leash dogs is increasing.

Please feel free to contact the Park Police at 724-935-1902 for any violations of the off-leash ordinance. You may also contact the Parks Department to register a complaint at 412-350-2478.