Timeline and Resources

Park Timeline:
County Commissioners pass resolution establishing North and South County Parks 2/7/27
Dedication 6/18/27
Game reserve Buffalo 12/19/27
Blackfoot Indian family caretakers for buffalo 5/3/28-3/25/31
Girl Sout cabin dedicated 10/20/29
Totem pole (Story Pole) 1928/1929; removed 4/20/11
Golf course dedicated 6/26/31
Civilian Conservation Corp Camp 6/16/33-10/1/35
Marshall Lake 1934-1935 (CWA project for golf course and fire fighting) 
Filtration plant 1935
Golf course clubhouse dedicated 5/30/36
Swim pool dedicated 7/6/37
Lake dedicated 7/5/37
Boathouse 1937
Lodge 1937
Standpipe 1937
Evergreen trees seen from the air--Star and Allegheny County emblem 1938
Camp shelters for underprivileged children at West Ridge, Hemlock, & Irwin Run 1938
Fountain of Youth 1938 (Kummer Road)
(Construction of a springhouse designed as a grotto typical in every detail of a Roman cavern)
Trap and Skeet facility dedicated 9/27/41 (burned 1950)
Arboretum 1941 
80th division of the A.E.P. 1941
Aircraft Warning Service observation tower on West Ridge Road 1942
Nike missle site 1954-1963
Ice rink 12/27/60
Latodami 7/10/69
J.C. Stone Field dedicated 9/1/71
Other resources:
North Park: 70 Years of Memories in the Making, North Hills Monthly Magazine, 6/06
Allegheny County Parks, Carnegie Magazine, 7&8/96
Henry Hornbostel, An Architect's Master Touch by Walter Kidney
Township of Pine: Two hundred Years of Community Pride by Pine Township Historic Committee
Annual reports County of Allegheny
Allegheny County A Sesqui-centennial Review 1788-1938, published by the Allegheny County Sesqui-Centennial Committee, 1938
RickSebak WQED Its Pittsburgh "North and South Parks"
The naturalistic design of North and South Park as developed by Paul Riis from 1927-1932 in the  Cultural Landscape
North Park History at Northland Library's Local History collection.

Resources for South Park

Newspaper Resources:
Go to Google and type the title enclosed in quotation marks. This will take you to a link for the article.

New Parks for Pittsburgh, New York Times, 2/14/27
Parks To Open Memorial Day, Pittsburgh Press, 4/10/27 (page 16 PP)
(will not demolish Pearce grist mill nor small Pearce church)
County Heads Inspect Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/17/27 (page 4 PP)
Donates Ground for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/22/27 (page 1 PP)
(dean of the University of Pittsburgh Law School Alexander Marshall Thompson)
(Melvina Thompson (wife) shown on maps)
Dedicate New County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/18/27 (page 1 PP)
Many Attend Park Opening, Pittsburgh Press, 6/19/27 (page 1 PP)
1,000 Stand in Rain to Watch Dedication of New Reserves, Gazette Times, 6/19/27
Brings Park Land Into County Quiz, Pittsburgh Press, 9/7/27 (page 3 PP)
(Babcock and Wicks, payment for park land)
Blackfoot on KDKA Program, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/15/27  (page 9 PG)
(Two Guns White Calf on nickel)
“Come to Baltimore”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/16/27 (page 28 PG)
(Advertisement to visit the Fair of the Iron Horse in Baltimore)
“Iron Breast” Receives Tribesmen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/16/27 (page 13 PG)
Indian Warriors Visit Mayor Kline, Pittsburgh Press, 9/16/27 (page 3 PP)
(Blackfeet Two Guns White Calf, Weasel Tail, Yellow Kidney, etc)
Herd of Buffaloes for Parks Here Due Friday, Pittsburgh Press, 12/4/27 (page 13 PP)
Private Work Quiz Opened by McGovern, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/4/27 (page 1 PG)
(mentions payment of land for some residents of North Park)
Go for Buffaloes, Trucks Leave to get Animals for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/5/27 (page 24 PP)
Off to Round up Buffaloes, Pittsburgh Press, 12/6/27 (page 13 PG)
Buffaloes are on way Here, Pittsburgh Press, 12/7/27 (page 4 PP)
(Babcock went to pick up buffalo and that there will be a parade on Friday)
Buffalo Caravan Leaves Allentown for Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/8/1927 (page 1 PG)
Park Buffaloes Arrive in City, Pittsburgh Press, 12/9/27 (page 1 PP)
(picts of buffalo and mention of parade with large brass band through downtown)
Buffalo Brought Here in Trucks for New County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/9/27 (page 33 sports 1 PP)
Scenes as First Buffaloes for New County Parks were Rounded Up, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/9/27 (page 15 PG)
Buffaloes for County Park Arrive at new Home, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/10/27 (page 13 PG)
County Parks Director gets 7,200 a Year, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/20/27 (page 25 PP)
Second Buffalo Herd will be at Park Soon, Pittsburgh Press, 12/21/27 (page 8 PP)
(south park buffalo)
Receive Last of Buffaloes, Pittsburgh Press, 12/22/27 (page 13)
Riis Takes Charge of Parks in County, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/4/28 (page 13 PG)
New County Parks Director Arrives, Pittsburgh Press, 1/4/28 (page 6 PP)
(county director to live in one of county parks)
Indian Chief and Princess to Live in South Park, Pittsburgh Press, 1/10/28 (page 21 PP)
(South Park Indian wife attended Carlisle College as did her father Chief Wheelark-football star and North Park buffalo pastured on Betcher farm)
Chief Two Eagle to Care for Game in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/10/28 (page 12 PG)
(South Park was Sioux from South Dakota, $100.00/mo living in New Brighton, PA)
50 Deer for Parks County Trucks to Bring Animals Here Next Week, Pittsburgh Press, 1/13/28 (page 11 PP)
(deer from Mosser Park, Westover, Clearfield County, sister of Harry Trexler)
31st. St. Span Contract Let for $723,791, Pittsburgh Press, 2/10/28 (page 25)
Commissioners Appropriate $237,834, Pittsburgh Press, 2/11/28
(Payment for broken down truck that hauled buffaloes, royatlty check due county for gas wells on Beveridge and Walter properties)
Two Eagle Is Fired, South Park Job Open, Pittsburgh Press, 3/18/28 (page 1 PP)
Riis Views County Parks from Plane, Pittsburgh Press, 4/11/28 (page 6 PP)
Dogs Kill Park Deer; Riis Orders Them Shot, Pittsburgh Press, 4/12/28 (page 25 PP)
Scouts Plant Trees, Pittsburgh Press, 4/22/28 (page 11 PP)
(National Forestry Week 4/22-28/1928)
Greet Adopted Tribal Brother, Pittsburgh Press, 5/3/28 (page 25 PP)
 (Mayor Kline Chief Iron Breast Browning Reservation Montana Blackfoot)
Blackfeet “Take” City, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 5/3/28 (page 3 ST)
(picts of Eddie Big Beaver and family)
Will Pitch their Tepees in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/3/28 (page 13/ page 1 sports PG)
(Eagle Ribs family and Big Beaver family with Paul Riis at banquet table)
Picture Lands, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 5/3/28 (S Section)
(pict of Little Pine Creek and buffalo and narrative of driving tour)
Scholes Talks at Perry High, Pittsburgh Press, 5/6/28 (page 70 / page 11 Society PP)
(Perry High School students planted 3500 white pine trees in North Park on 4/27/28)
Asks Tourists to Visit Park, Pittsburgh Press, 5/6/28 (page 70 / page 12 Society PP)
(Blackfoot chieftain-Chief Two Guns-wants folks to visit Glacier home of the Blackfeet)
County to Buy More Land for Park Purposes, Pittsburgh Press, 5/10/28 (page 25 PP)
New Arrivals in Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 5/10/28 (page 4 PP)
Reserve Scout Plots, Pittsburgh Press, 6/5/28 (page 1 classified, page 25 PP)
Plans for Two Allegheny County Golf Courses Ready, Pittsburgh Press, 6/10/28
(page 47/ page 5 Sporting PP)
(pict of Emil Loeffler-Diagram of links on page 9 PP)
(Emil Loeffler golf architect of Loeffler-McGlynn)
County Park Golf Courses Authorized, Pittsburgh Press, 8/24/28 (page 2 / 34 PP)
Giant Totems On Way Here-Poles From Far West To Be Placed In County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/24/28 (page 18 PG)
County Parks will Have Appeal in Winter Sports, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 11/15/28 (page 28 ST)
County Parks Improvements to be Pushed, Pittsburgh Press, 1/2/29 (page 14/ page 17 PP)
Work on Park Links Rushed, Director Says, Pittsburgh Press, 1/13/29 (page 6  PP)
Riis is Scored by Architects on Pool Idea, Pittsburgh Press, 2/5/29 (page 1 PP)
Reject Terms of Swimming Pool Expert, Pittsburgh Press, 2/21/29 (page 23 PP)
(two connecting pools 600x220-shallow and 180x90-deep)
County Heads Desire Local Pool Builder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/21/29 (page 18 PG)
No Architects Here can Build County Pools, Pittsburgh Press, 2/24/29 (page 1 PP)
(represent overhanging cliffs, whatnots and doodads that put in the "artistic touch" and sunken track for toboganning)
Riis Defends his Action on County Pools, Pittsburgh, Press, 2/26/29 (page 19/ page 1 Society PP)
Architects Rebuke County Park Head, Pittsburgh Press, 3/2/29 (page 1 PP)
(Jensen as swimming pool architect)
County to Ship Indian Family Back to Montana, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/3/29 (page 21 / page 1 Sports PG)
Commissioners Let Contracts For Much Work, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/12/29
(page 17/ page 1 Sporting PG)
(totem pole)
County to Build its Own Pools, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/20/29 (page 15 PP)
County to Pay $619,500 Part of 8 Projects, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/24/29 (page 22)
(eliminate double curve at Devils Elbow, Babcock Blvd.)
10,000 Given Picnic Permits by Park Group, Pittsburgh Press, 4/28/29 (page 4 PP)
(renamed some groves)
Park Development Plans Win Praise, Pittsburgh Press, 6/12/29 (page 20 PP)
To Dedicate Scout Cabin, Pittsburgh Press, 10/16/29 (page 26 PP)
(Girl Scout-Doehla homestead)
Park Reservoir Proposals Made, Pittsburgh Press, 11/8/29 (page 35/ page 1 Sporting PP)
Plan to Buy Tract for North Park is Abandoned, Pittsburgh Press, 4/24/30 (page 15/ page 1 Sports PG)
(mention of Burns-Henderson property and that of Mrs. Elyse Wicks Henderson)
County Director of Parks gets Auto, Pittsburgh Press, 4/24/30 (page 25 PP)
Unemployment Cure—and Cost, Pittsburgh Press, 4/26/30 (page 6 PP)
(Riis gets auto)
Many Outings Scheduled for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/27/30 (page 14 PP)
County Approved Fund for Park Buildings, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/31/30 (page 5 PG)
(administration building Ingomar and Babcock)
Plumbing Delays Opening of County Park Pop Stands, Pittsburgh Press, 7/16/30 (page 30 PP)
County park Golf Course Cause of Tilt, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/9/30 (page 14/ page 1 Sports PG)
County Buys Land for Park Tracks, Pittsburgh Press, 9/9/30 (page 9)
Bans Politics in Job Relief Program Here, Pittsburgh Press, 9/25/30 (page 38 PP)
Indian Race Passes Here As Chief Quits Park Post, Pittsburgh Press, 3/24/31 (page 21)
(Big Beaver Leaves)
Last of Native Americans in County Parks to Leave, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/25/31 (page 13 PG)
(Joey G. Armstrong is girl 18 month old)
Girl Scouts Become Skillful and Preparing Outdoor Meals, Pittsburgh Press, 5/24/31 (page society section 5-PP)
North Park Opens Nine Holes Today, Pittsburgh Press, 6/26/31 (page 41 PP)
North Park Course to Open, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/26/31 (page 18 PG)
Sandlot Teams Plan to Use County Prk Fields in 1932, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/23/32 (page 16 PG)
Plan Diamonds in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/24/32 (page 20/ page 6 Sports PG)
Back to Soil Move Planned, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/18/32 (page 4 PG)
(think about community gardens in North and South Parks food for idle)
Payroll Padding Added to Charges in County Probe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/2/32 (page 1 PG)
Amazing Story of Waste Revealed by Graft Probe, Pittsburgh Press, 6/2/32 (page 1 PP?)
County Probe Finds Bosses Abusing Jobs, Pittsburgh Press, 6/2/32 (page 1 PP?)
Riis Charges Politics in County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/5/32 (page 1 PP)
Everything Just Went Wrong; It's Sad, Sad Tale, Pittsburgh Press, 6/7/32 (page 2 PP)
(Interesting story about planting trees where they will die)
Family Returning Home Finds Bear on Front Porch, Pittsburgh Press, 6/10/32 (page 24 PP)
Parks Director Passes Buck in Waste Inquiry, Pittsburgh Press, 8/12/32 (page 2 PP)
Riis Denies all Charges, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/13/32 (page 3 PG)
County Fires Riis, Starts Shakeup, Pittsburgh Press, 9/29/32 (page 1 PP)
(Alexander Marion new director)
Ghost of Riis Wins Park Fund, Pittsburgh Press, 11/2/32 (page 15 PP)
(Riis Fired-charges of Mismanagement and Extravagance)
County’s Park Cost Exceeds That of City, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 1/16/33
Commissions Ponder County Parks Facilities, Pittsburgh Press, 2/9/33 (page 6 PP)
(dam Pine Creek for lake-cause typhoid fever)
County Sings ‘Raffle Off the Buffalo’, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/33 (page 36 PP)
May be Cheaper to Play on Private Course than at North or South Park, Pittsburgh Press, 3/24/33 (page 39 PP)
County Spends Staggering Sum for Golf, Pittsburgh Press, 3/26/33 (page 1 sporting PP)
Artist Deserts Gay ‘Paree’ for Log Cabin near Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Press, 3/29/33 (page 16 PP)
(Charles Heberer painted scenes of North Park)
County Finds Buffaloes are Now White Elephants, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/31/33 (page 13 PG)
County Sings ‘Raffle Off The Buffalo, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/33 (page 36 PP)
County’s Public Course Golfers Mince No Words in Condemning 100 Per Cent Increase in Fees for Season, Pittsburgh Press, 4/1/33 (page 9 PP)
Baby Buffalo is born in North County Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/25/33 (page 21 PG)
Reserve Officers Head Hits Foresry Critics, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/9/33 (page 1 Sports / page 17 PG)
Forest Army ‘Digs in” for North Park Duty, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 6/17/33 (page 3)
Forest Army Unit Marches on North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/17/33 (page 2)
City Youths Build Tarzan Muscles in Outdoor Work, Pittsburgh Press, 7/23/33 (page 2 PP)
(CCC mentions Andy Bregholt and boss Bill Thompson)
Jewish Women will Fete Reforestation Men, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/28/33 (page 12 PG)
Club Women on Vacations, Pittsburgh Press, 7/28/33 (page 22 PP)
Entertain Forest Corps, Pittsburgh Press, 8/2/33 (page 20 PP)
Forest Army to be Given Flag, Pittsburgh Press, 8/15/33 (page 19 PP)
Reservists to Present Flag to “Forest Army”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/15/33 (page 13 / page 1 sporting PG)
Forest Army Camp Gets Flag Tonight, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/17/33 (page 13 PG)
Council of Women Entertains Campers, Pittsburgh Press, 9/6/1933 (page 19 PP)
Camp of Forestry Corps Planned for South Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/25/33. (page 2 PG)
(barn pictured)
Record in Safety, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/25/33
Fair Buildings to House Poor, Pittsburgh Press 10/11/33 (page 8 PP)
(200 housed in North Park)
(CCC group going to South Park on Saturday from Pocatello Idaho)
Seek Federal Aid for Pool in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/28/33 (page 9 PG)
(CCC to clear land for swimming pool; build a lake; obtain water from Cabbage Hill in Shaler)
County Forms Relief Plans, Pittsburgh Press 11/23/33 (page 8 PP)
3,400 Going Back to Work Over County, Pittsburgh Press, 11/26/33 (page 1 PP)
(Civil Works Program, 1000 to work on Pearce Mill Road from relief rolls)
Reserve Officers to Hold Elections, Pittsburgh Press, 1/7/34 (page 6 PP)
CCC Boys Need Furnishings for Camp Ladies Building, Pittsburgh Press, 2/22/34 (page 17 PP)
Pittsburgh Public Links Step Forward, Pittsburgh Press, 3/3/34 (page 8 PP)
Forest Fires Here Sweep 1,000 Acres, Pittsburgh Press, 5/7/34 (page 6 stocks, page 46 PP)
(North Park CCC help extinguish blaze in Bradford Woods)
U.S. Aid Terms Dim Hope for Free Tunnels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/30/34 (page 1 PG)
(CWA No dam, boathouse or lake for North Park, will be with PWA)
German Youth who Journeyed Afar on Sailing Ships is a Leading Pittsburgh Architect, Pittsburgh Press, 7/8/34 (page 31)
U.S. Asked to Renew Activities of Local Unit, Pittsburgh Press, 8/25/34 (page 9 PP)
(CCC many names mentioned)
North Park CCC Barracks Burned, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/1/34 (page 17 / page 1 sports PG)
Plans for Lake in North Park Again Studied, Pittsburgh Press, 11/17/34 (page 10 PP)
(Eliminate Devils Elbow curve on Babcock-Lake Marshall? dam started last spring CWA labor)
(one leg of lake would be 1 1/4 miles and 2nd leg would be 3/4 mile)
(largest body of water within 60 miles of Pittsburgh)
North Park Club House is Planned, Pittsburgh Press, 4/4/35 (page 36 sports / page 27 PP)
Geographical Park System, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/8/35
City, County Pushing Plans on Relief, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/18/35 (page 4 PG)
Letters from our Readers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/12/35
(caterpillars in North Park)
O.K. for $347,000 Grant to Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/28/35
Civilian Corps Guests Today, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/2/35 (page 12 PG)
Recreation Group Entertains at Camp, Pittsburgh Press, 7/2/35 (page 18 PP)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/26/35 (page 19)
(600,000 Youths Find New Hopes for Future in Camp Training)
(1st of six in series about CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/27/35 (page 19)
(Camp Environment Builds Sturdy Characters From City's Loiterers-- CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/28/35 (page 19)
(Forestry Work of young Men Saves Nation Millions of Dollars in Timber-CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/29/35 (page 19)
(Education, Health Play Important Part in Life of Young Men--CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/30/35 (page 25)
(Writer Spikes Reports of Military Drilling at Conservation Camps--CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/35 (page 9)
(Camp Commanders Face Big Problem Straightening out Nation's Youth-CCC)
County will Build Pool in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 9/10/35 (page 2 PP)
Archery Club Holds Meet in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/14/35, (page 16 / page 17 PG)
Farmers Protest Work in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 12/3/35 (page 17 PP)
U. S. Will Pay Out $1,627,000 at North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/14/35, (page 5, PG)
Lake Marshall Open for Skating, Pittsburgh Press, 12/24/35 (page 8 PP)
WPA News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/31/35 (page 5 PG)
(North Park Boathouse and Lake Work to Start)
North Park Lake Work will Start, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/6/36 (page 4 PG)
Park Building Shelters 1300 Flood Victims, Pittsburgh Press, 3/21/36 (page 3 PP)
Charges Split Commissioners, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/28/36 (page 1 PG)
(Favoritism Protest Made by New Deal Foe is Hotly Argued)
 County to Get Free Cash, Pittsburgh Press, 7/2/36 (page 11 PP)
 (for tree planting)
Col. Tim McCoy an Expert in American Indina Lore, Post-Gazette, 7/4/36,(page 10 PG)
(comes to East Liberty with WildWest Show)
County to Get Free Cash, Pittsburgh Press, 7/2/36 (page 11 PP)
Fire Truck is Rescued as Buffalo Barn Burns, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/22/36 (page 12 PG)
Flood Proves Boon, Filling New Park Lake, Pittsburgh Press, 11/5/36 (page 18 PP)
Plan Arboretum, Pittsburgh Press, 12/16/36 (page 23 PP)
(short article about South and North Park arboretum)
Romantic Names for Picnic Plots, Pittsburgh Press, 12/18/36 (page 15 PP)
(mentions Enright as origin for name of NP shelter and maybe some other NP names)
School Was Never Like This When Grandpa was a Boy, Pittsburgh Press, 2/25/37 (page 38 PP)
(WPA arts program)
War on Pests Spares Bees, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/7/37 (page 1 Sports, page 17 PG)
County's Parks To Be Improved, Pittsburgh Press, 6/4/37 (page 23 PP)
(Lake Erie sand for North Park wading pool)
Improvements Requested for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/11/37 (page 22 PP)
(WPA workmen inexperienced in tree surgery were killing good trees)
North Park Water Plant in Operation, Pittsburgh Press, 6/20/37, (page 13 PP)
Throngs Attend Opening of Huge North Park Pool, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/21/37
North Park Pool to Open Monday, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/21/37 (page 34)
New North Park Pool Dedication Monday, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph 7/2/37
Pool to Open in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/2/37 (page 12 PG)
(two pages, one with picts)
New North Park Pool Dedication, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 7/2/37
North Park’s New Swimming Pool is Dedicated, Pittsburgh Press, 7/6/37 (page 2 PP)
(Pict of Hornbostel and John Kane)
Hornbostel Faces Quiz on Cake Hauling, Pittsburgh Press, 8/1/37 (page 5 PP)
Observation Tower Opens in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 8/8/37 (page 14 PP)
(good explanation of inside of tower)
North Park Lake will be Drained, Pittsburgh Press, 10/8/37 (page 38 PP)
North, South Parks to be Remapped, Pittsburgh Press, 11/5/37 (page 54 PP)
County to Give Buffalo to City, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/3/37 (page 27 PG)
(one buffalo to Highland Park, South Park, 6 slaughtered to reduce county’s feed bill)
Indian Wood Carver Dies, Pittsburgh Press, 2/19/38 (page 2 PP)
North Park Clubhouse to be Dedicated May 30, Pittsburgh Press, 4/26/38 (page 26 PP)
Six County Camps aid Underprivileged, Pittsburgh Press, 7/15/38 (page 4 PP)
Man Rescues Invalid Wife from Flames, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/19/38 (page 3 PG)
(McCandless one room schoolhouse burns to ground, had been used as shelter for picnics)
Parks Provide Varied Recreational Facilities, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
(good discussion of all works in park written by Hornbostel)
North Park Pool Scene of Gala ‘Aqua Ballet’, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 42 PP)
Parks Offer Camp Sites, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
(pict of Karl Weber, swimming pool architect)
Pool is Largest, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
Varied Programs Planned to Mark Big Celebration, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38
(Sesqui Centennial celebration)
Nationally known Outboard Motorboat Racers to Vie for Honors in Fourth Annual Regatta, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 41 PP)
Pools and Trails Beckon Visitors to County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 46 PP)
Pirates Loot May be Buried in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 10/30/38 (page 40/ page 12 Classified PP)
(1758 cachets in North Park)
Architect's Sketch Of Picnic Lodges In County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/8/38 (page 17 Society PP)
Relics of Mound Builders Being Stolen, County Told, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/18/39 (page 1 PG)
Verbal Arrows Fly Over Indian Excavation Plan, Pittsburgh Press, 1/25/39 (page 22 PP)
Indian Relic Fight Grows More Bitter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/25/39 (page 13 PG)
North, South Parks Lodges Approved, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/39 (page 14 PP)
Flotilla at North park to be Increased by 25, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/9/39 (page 2 PG)
New Shelters Due in 2 County parks, Pittsburgh Press, 11/19/39 (page 8 / 53 PP)
(accommodate 16-20 children, straw mattresses)
Hornbostel’s Reign as Park Boss Near End, Pittsburg Press, 11/20/39 (page 2 PP)
Park Arboretum Work to Start This Spring, Pittsburgh Press, 3/17/40 (page 31 PP)
(excellent discussion of arboretum)
Shooters Dream Nears Completion, Pittsburgh Press, 9/7/41 (page 22 / page 8 second section PP)
(Trap and Skeet pict of 5 trap ranges)
Model Air Races Slated for North Park on July 5th, Pittsburgh Press, 6/7/42 (page 42 page 15 third section PP)
City, County to Help Press Stage Annual Air Races on July 5, Pittsburgh Press, 6/20/42 (page 48, page 10 third section PP)
County to Spend $160,000 to Primp up its Big Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 3/10/46 (page  19 PP)
(Administration building proposed for Babcock, first floor admin/fire/police and restaurant on 2nd floor buffalo still in park)
County Gives City Bison for the Zoo, Pittsburgh Press, 7/24/46 (page 7 PP)
Big Bull Buffalo Balks But - ‘Hunters’ Haul Him Handily, Pittsburgh Press, 4/30/47 (page 14 PP)
297 Entrants Await Start of Big Race, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/14/47 (page 5 PG)
Saturday is Derby Day, Crowds go to North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/19/47 (page 1 PG)
North Park Staff to Learn how to out fox Wily Fox, Pittsburgh Press, 1/8/48 (page 29 PP)
Zither Player, Pittsburgh Press, 1/10/48 (page 22)
(Zither player is Karl Weber, designed North Park Pool)
Zitherist, Pittsburgh Press, 2/8/45 (page 19)
(Zither player is Karl Weber, designed North Park Pool)
Winter Carnival Changes Planned for North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 3/1/48 (page 21 PP)
Foxes Must go so North Park can get Quail, Pittsburgh Press, 9/23/48 (page 2 PP)
County Swimming Pools Given Bill of Health, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/19/49, (page 11 PG)
North Park Skeet Building Burns, Pittsburgh Press, 2/11/50 (page 3 PP)
(Skeet barn may be the barn used by the CCC camp)
County Parks more Popular than ever, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/23/51 (page 23 PG)
(mention of a wading pool and overnight camps)
E.V. Babcock ‘Fathered’ County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 8/24/51 (page 25 PG)
(comment about no money, no jobs, but time on their hands)
Plain Old Age disabled 'Fountain of Youth', Pittsburgh Press, 1/18/1953 (page 18 PP)
County Approves Park Projects, Pittsburgh Press, 5/15/53 (page 9, page 15 PP)
24-Hour Air Watch Pushed in County, Pittsburgh Press, 10/6/53 (PP)
‘Space Rocket’ to Help Defend City, Pittsburgh Press, 12/18/53 (page 3 PP)
(How it works and pict)
New Bid Made for Nike Site, Pittsburgh Press, 3/2/54 (page 75/ page 9 shopping PP)
Tailless Kite Makes Everyone Soar, Pittsburgh press, 3/6/54 (page 21 page 20 PP)
(Kite and Kenneth Saylor-architect of North and South Park lodges)
North Park Nike Launching Site Approval by County, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 3/15/54
Guided Missile Site Wins County Approval, Pittsburgh Press, 4/5/54 (page 12 PP)
Nike will be Installed Here by September, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/6/54 (page 15 PG)
Army and Cupid, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/8/54 (page 31, page PG)
(realign West Ridge Road Lovers Lane for Nike)
Contract Let on Nike Sites, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/2/54 (page 21 PG)
‘Fountain of Youth’ Shut off as Impure, Pittsburgh Press, 5/11/55 (page 1 PP)
Karl Weber County Parks Official, Dies, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/13/55 (page 10 PG)
(swimming pool architect)
‘Operation Skytrain’ on Sunday, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/5/55 (page 3 PG)
Operation ‘Skytrain’ Deters Flying “Foes”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/8/55 (page 15 PG)
County Fair Featuring Guided Missiles Along with Unguided Misses, Pittsburgh Press, 8/27/55 (page 9 PG)
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(D. K. Ritchey architects for ice rinks in both parks)
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(county spends too much money)
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(descriptions of North and South Park Ice rinks)

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(Nike facilities (Schramm Hall used for temporary house of delinquent children))
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(Nike facilities (Schramm Hall used for temporary house of delinquent children)
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