Timeline and Resources

Park Timeline:
County Commissioners pass resolution establishing North and South County Parks 2/7/27
Dedication 6/18/27
Game reserve Buffalo 12/19/27
Blackfoot Indian family caretakers for buffalo 5/3/28-3/25/31
Girl Sout cabin dedicated 10/20/29
Totem pole (Story Pole) 1928/1929; removed 4/20/11
Golf course dedicated 6/26/31
Civilian Conservation Corp Camp 6/16/33-10/1/35
Marshall Lake 1934-1935 (CWA project for golf course and fire fighting) 
Filtration plant 1935
Golf course clubhouse dedicated 5/30/36
Swim pool dedicated 7/6/37
Lake dedicated 7/5/37
Boathouse 1937
Lodge 1937
Standpipe 1937
Evergreen trees seen from the air--Star and Allegheny County emblem 1938
Camp shelters for underprivileged children at West Ridge, Hemlock, & Irwin Run 1938
Fountain of Youth 1938 (Kummer Road)
(Construction of a springhouse designed as a grotto typical in every detail of a Roman cavern)
Trap and Skeet facility dedicated 9/27/41 (burned 1950)
Arboretum 1941 
80th division of the A.E.P. 1941
Aircraft Warning Service observation tower on West Ridge Road 1942
Nike missle site 1954-1963   
Ice Rink 12/27/60
Latodami 7/10/69
J. C. Stone Field dedicated 9/1/71

Other resources:
North Park: 70 Years of Memories in the Making, North Hills Monthly Magazine, 6/06
Allegheny County Parks, Carnegie Magazine, 7&8/96
Henry Hornbostel, An Architect's Master Touch by Walter Kidney
Township of Pine: Two hundred Years of Community Pride by Pine Township Historic Committee
Annual reports County of Allegheny
Allegheny County A Sesqui-centennial Review 1788-1938, published by the Allegheny County Sesqui-Centennial Committee, 1938
RickSebak WQED Its Pittsburgh "North and South Parks"
The naturalistic design of North and South Park as developed by Paul Riis from 1927-1932 in the  Cultural Landscape
North Park History at Northland Library's Local History collection.

Resources for South Park

Newspaper Resources:
Go to Google and type the title enclosed in quotation marks. This will take you to a link for the article.

New Parks for Pittsburgh, New York Times, 2/14/27
Parks To Open Memorial Day, Pittsburgh Press, 4/10/27 (page 16 PP)
(will not demolish Pearce grist mill nor small Pearce church)
County Heads to Inspect New Public Park, Pittburgh Daily Post, 4/13/27 (page 3 PDP)
(rent out park houses during the summer and demolish others)
Engineers Decide Pool Location, Pittburgh Daily Post, 4/17/27 (page 10 PDP)
County Heads Inspect Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/17/27 (page 4 PP)
Donates Ground for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/22/27 (page 1 PP)
(dean of the University of Pittsburgh Law School Alexander Marshall Thompson)
(Melvina Thompson (wife) shown on maps)
Emil Loeffler Praises Park Property New Public Links; Large Turnout at Local Courses, Pittburgh Daily Post, 5/8/27 (section 3 page 8 / page 30 PDP)
Proposed New Courses in Parks to be Great Aid to Many Players, Pittburgh Daily Post, 5/15/27 (section 3 page 11 / page 33 PDP)
New County Parks Informally Opened, Pittburgh Daily Post, 5/29/27 (page 1 PDP)
(2 natural springs have been walled with brick and concrete and provided with pipes, cast iron cooking stoves, picnic tables and five rest rooms)
Police Mounts Among Finest, Pittsburgh Press, 6/14/27 (page 1 PP)
(John J. Ford, W.C. Pearce, Harry L. Aggers, and Harry Luke will patrol the parks)
(The horse’s names are Peter Gay, Queen, Pilot and Governor)
500 attend Ceremonies at each of Play Sites, Pittsburgh Daily Post, 6/19/27 (page 1 and page 5)
Dedicate New County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/18/27 (page 1 PP)
Many Attend Park Opening, Pittsburgh Press, 6/19/27 (page 1 PP)
1,000 Stand in Rain to Watch Dedication of New Reserves, Gazette Times, 6/19/27
61-Acre Farm Added to Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/23/27 (page 23 PG)
(land for game reserves from the farms of Walter, Rose, Gutyon, Wisenbach and Betcher in North Park; Kirch and Glenn in South Park)
County Given $35, 400 Check, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/30/27 (page 13 PG)
(mounted police for North Park Wilber C. Pearce and Harry Luke for North Park and Harry L. Aggers and William Blackmore for South Park)
Brings Park Land Into County Quiz, Pittsburgh Press, 9/7/27 (page 3 PP)
(Babcock and Wicks, payment for park land)
Payroll Gets Attention in County Quiz, Pittsburgh Press, 9/10/27 (page 2 PP)
(Babcock, Wicks, J. C. Trees, Union Trust Co. and sale of land for parks)
Blackfoot on KDKA Program, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/15/27  (page 9 PG)
(Two Guns White Calf on nickel)
“Come to Baltimore”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/16/27 (page 28 PG)
(Advertisement to visit the Fair of the Iron Horse in Baltimore)
“Iron Breast” Receives Tribesmen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/16/27 (page 13 PG)
Indian Warriors Visit Mayor Kline, Pittsburgh Press, 9/16/27 (page 3 PP)
(Blackfeet Two Guns White Calf, Weasel Tail, Yellow Kidney, etc)
County to Stage Buffalo 'Hunt' Tuesday for Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/3/27 (sports 1 / page 13 PG)
(mentions William C. Walter, custodian of North Park and Wilbert Pearce, policeman for North Park)
Herd of Buffaloes for Parks Here Due Friday, Pittsburgh Press, 12/4/27 (page 13 PP) 
Private Work Quiz Opened by McGovern, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/4/27 (page 1 PG)
(mentions payment of land for some residents of North Park)
Go for Buffaloes, Trucks Leave to get Animals for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/5/27 (page 24 PP)
Off to Round up Buffaloes, Pittsburgh Press, 12/6/27 (page 13 PG)
Buffaloes are on way Here, Pittsburgh Press, 12/7/27 (page 4 PP)
(Babcock went to pick up buffalo and that there will be a parade on Friday)
Buffalo Caravan Leaves Allentown for Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/8/27 (page 1 PG)
Park Buffaloes Arrive in City, Pittsburgh Press, 12/9/27 (page 1 PP)
(picts of buffalo and mention of parade with large brass band through downtown)
Buffalo Brought Here in Trucks for New County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/9/27 (page 33/sports 1 PP)
Scenes as First Buffaloes for New County Parks were Rounded Up, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/9/27 (page 15 PG)
Buffaloes for County Park Arrive at new Home, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/10/27 (page 13 PG)
(several pictures of buffaloes)
County Parks Director gets 7,200 a Year, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/20/27 (page 25 PP)
Riis Selected as Parks Head, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/20/27 (page 1 Sporting/ page 13 PG)
Second Buffalo Herd will be at Park Soon, Pittsburgh Press, 12/21/27 (page 8 PP)
(south park buffalo)
Receive Last of Buffaloes, Pittsburgh Press, 12/22/27 (page 13)
Riis Takes Charge of Parks in County, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/4/28 (page 13 PG)
New County Parks Director Arrives, Pittsburgh Press, 1/4/28 (page 6 PP)
(county director to live in one of county parks)
Indian Chief and Princess to Live in South Park, Pittsburgh Press, 1/10/28 (page 21 PP)
(South Park Indian wife attended Carlisle College as did her father Chief Wheelark-football star and North Park buffalo pastured on Betcher farm)
Chief Two Eagle to Care for Game in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/10/28 (page 12 PG)
(South Park was Sioux from South Dakota, $100.00/mo living in New Brighton, PA)
50 Deer for Parks County Trucks to Bring Animals Here Next Week, Pittsburgh Press, 1/13/28 (page 11 PP)
(deer from Mosser Park, Westover, Clearfield County, sister of Harry Trexler)
31st. St. Span Contract Let for $723,791, Pittsburgh Press, 2/10/28 (page 25 PP)
Commissioners Appropriate $237,834, Pittsburgh Press, 2/11/28
(Payment for broken down truck that hauled buffaloes, royatlty check due county for gas wells on Beveridge and Walter properties)
County Park Plans Forming, Pittsburgh Press, 2/19/28 (page 1 PP)
(park headquarters to be in South Park at Green Farm on Catfish Road, John Jay Burke will be parks office manager)
Drawings of the New Golf Courses to be Laid Out in the Allegheny County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 3/4/28 (page Sporting 3/page 47 PP)
(golf course to be located in Pine Creek Valley with Pine Creek running through golf course)
Two Eagle Is Fired, South Park Job Open, Pittsburgh Press, 3/18/28 (page 1 PP)
Riis Views County Parks from Plane, Pittsburgh Press, 4/11/28 (page 6 PP)
Dogs Kill Park Deer; Riis Orders Them Shot, Pittsburgh Press, 4/12/28 (page 25 PP)
Scouts Plant Trees, Pittsburgh Press, 4/22/28 (page 11 PP)
(National Forestry Week 4/22-28/1928)
Greet Adopted Tribal Brother, Pittsburgh Press, 5/3/28 (page 25 PP)
(Mayor Kline Chief Iron Breast Browning Reservation Montana Blackfoot)
Blackfeet “Take” City, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 5/3/28 (page 3 ST)
(picts of Eddie Big Beaver and family)
Will Pitch their Tepees in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/3/28 (page 13/ page 1 sports PG)
(Eagle Ribs family and Big Beaver family with Paul Riis at banquet table)
Picture Lands, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 5/3/28 (S Section)
(pict of Little Pine Creek and buffalo and narrative of driving tour)
Scholes Talks at Perry High, Pittsburgh Press, 5/6/28 (page 70/page 11 Society PP)
(Perry High School students planted 3500 white pine trees in North Park on 4/27/28)
Asks Tourists to Visit Park, Pittsburgh Press, 5/6/28 (page 70/page 12 Society PP)
(Blackfoot chieftain-Chief Two Guns-wants folks to visit Glacier home of the Blackfeet)
County to Buy More Land for Park Purposes, Pittsburgh Press, 5/10/28 (page 25 PP)
New Arrivals in Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 5/10/28 (page 4 PP)
Reserve Scout Plots, Pittsburgh Press, 6/5/28 (page 1 classified, page 25 PP)
Plans for Two Allegheny County Golf Courses Ready, Pittsburgh Press, 6/10/28
(page 47/ page 5 Sporting PP)
(pict of Emil Loeffler-Diagram of links on page 9 PP)
(Emil Loeffler golf architect of Loeffler-McGlynn)
County Park Golf Courses Authorized, Pittsburgh Press, 8/24/28 (page 2/34 PP)
County Commissioners Hire Swimming Pool Expert, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/25/28 (page 28 / page 1 classified PG)
County Park Links to be Started Soon, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/25/28 (page 28 / page 1 classified PG)
Indians Arrive for County “Reservation”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/2/28 (page 13 PG)
E.V. Babcock Gives Totem Poles to Western Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/23/28 (page 2 PG)
(made of cedar and 40 feet high and  came from Everett Washington)
Totem Pole Bases Being Constructed, Pittsburgh Press, 10/24/28 (page 26 PP)
Giant Totems On Way Here-Poles From Far West To Be Placed In County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/24/28 (page 18 PG)
County Parks will Have Appeal in Winter Sports, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 11/15/28 (page 28 ST)
County Parks Improvements to be Pushed, Pittsburgh Press, 1/2/29 (page 14/ page 17 PP)
Work on Park Links Rushed, Director Says, Pittsburgh Press, 1/13/29 (page 6  PP)
Celebrates Friends Felicitate Babcock on Birthday Anniversary, Pittsburgh Press, 2/3/29 (page 14 Classified / page 38 PP)
(Eddie Big Beaver from North Park and Red Horn from South Park help Babcock celebrate his birthday)
Riis is Scored by Architects on Pool Idea, Pittsburgh Press, 2/5/29 (page 1 PP)
Reject Terms of Swimming Pool Expert, Pittsburgh Press, 2/21/29 (page 23 PP)
(two connecting pools 600x220-shallow and 180x90-deep)
County Heads Desire Local Pool Builder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/21/29 (page 18 PG)
No Architects Here can Build County Pools, Pittsburgh Press, 2/24/29 (page 1 PP)
(represent overhanging cliffs, whatnots and doodads that put in the "artistic touch" and sunken track for toboganning)
Riis Defends his Action on County Pools, Pittsburgh, Press, 2/26/29 (page 19/ page 1 Society PP)
Architects Rebuke County Park Head, Pittsburgh Press, 3/2/29 (page 1 PP)
(Jensen as swimming pool architect)
Indians Leaving, Pittsburgh Press, 4/2/29 (page 1 PP)
County to Ship Indian Family Back to Montana, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/3/29 (page 21/page 1 Sports PG)
Commissioners Let Contracts For Much Work, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/12/29
(page 17/ page 1 Sporting PG)
(totem pole)
Totems, Pittsburgh Press, 4/12/29 (page 33 PP)
(totems installed in Walters Grove, North Park and in Hill Grove, South Park)
County to Build its Own Pools, Pittsburgh Press, 4/20/29 (page 15 PP)
County to Pay $619,500 Part of 8 Projects, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/24/29 (page 22 PG)
(eliminate double curve at Devils Elbow, Babcock Blvd.)
10,000 Given Picnic Permits by Park Group, Pittsburgh Press, 4/28/29 (page 4 PP)
(renamed some groves)
Loeffler Approves of Links, Pittsburgh Press, 5/4/29 (page 2 PP)
(Loeffler designed North and South Park golf courses)
Streets Lined as Workhorse Parade Moves, Pittsburgh Press, 5/12/29 (page 2 PP)
(Eddie Big Beaver and Eddie Big Beaver Jr. are in parade)
Park Development Plans Win Praise, Pittsburgh Press, 6/12/29 (page 20 PP)
Papoose is Named After Commissioner Armstrong, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/6/29 (page 1 PG)
(birth of Joey Big Beaver named for Joseph Armstrong)
To Dedicate Scout Cabin, Pittsburgh Press, 10/16/29 (page 26 PP)
(Girl Scout-Doehla homestead)
Fund Transfer Asked by Riis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/19/29 (page 19 / page 1 sports PG)
(Riis asks for money from commissioners for swimming pools in North and South Parks)
Park Reservoir Proposals Made, Pittsburgh Press, 11/8/29 (page 35/ page 1 Sporting PP)
Plan to Buy Tract for North Park is Abandoned, Pittsburgh Press, 4/24/30 (page 15/ page 1 Sports PG)
(mention of Burns-Henderson property and that of Mrs. Elyse Wicks Henderson)
County Director of Parks gets Auto, Pittsburgh Press, 4/24/30 (page 25 PP)
Unemployment Cure - and Cost, Pittsburgh Press, 4/26/30 (page 6 PP)
(Riis gets auto)
Many Outings Scheduled for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 4/27/30 (page 14 PP)
County Approved Fund for Park Buildings, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/31/30 (page 5 PG)
(administration building Ingomar and Babcock)
Plumbing Delays Opening of County Park Pop Stands, Pittsburgh Press, 7/16/30 (page 30 PP)
County park Golf Course Cause of Tilt, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/9/30 (page 14/ page 1 Sports PG)
County Buys Land for Park Tracks, Pittsburgh Press, 9/9/30 (page 9 PP)
Bans Politics in Job Relief Program Here, Pittsburgh Press, 9/25/30 (page 38 PP)
County Plans Park Work to Help Jobless, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/15/30 (page 15 / page 1 sports PG)
(money for machinery and equipment and the ability to pay jobless men)
Founder’s Day to be Marked, Pittsburgh Press, 10/26/30 (page 8 Society/page 48 PP)
(Ingomar Girl Scouts plant flowers at Scout Cabin)
Indian Boys Anxious to Join Junior Red Cross, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/4/30 (page 14 PG)
(pict and notes about Eddie and George Big Beaver)
Indian Race Passes Here As Chief Quits Park Post, Pittsburgh Press, 3/24/31 (page 21 PP)
(Big Beaver Leaves)
Last of Native Americans in County Parks to Leave, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/25/31 (page 13 PG)
(Joey G. Armstrong is girl 18 month old)
Armstrong Chosen Czar of County Park Vendors, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/1/31 (page 1 Sports/page 17 PG)
Girl Scouts Become Skillful and Preparing Outdoor Meals, Pittsburgh Press, 5/24/31 (page society section 5-PP)
County Probe Uncovers New Graft Leads, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/4/32 (page 1 PG)
(Riis double crossed Kenneth Graves for being brought here to build golf courses)
North Park Opens Nine Holes Today, Pittsburgh Press, 6/26/31 (page 41 PP)
North Park Course to Open, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/26/31 (page 18 PG)
Sandlot Teams Plan to Use County Park Fields in 1932, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/23/32 (page 16 PG)
Plan Diamonds in County Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/24/32 (page 20/ page 6 Sports PG)
Back to Soil Move Planned, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/18/32 (page 4 PG)
(think about community gardens in North and South Parks food for idle)
Payroll Padding Added to Charges in County Probe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/2/32 (page 1 PG)
Amazing Story of Waste Revealed by Graft Probe, Pittsburgh Press, 6/2/32 (page 1 PP)
County Probe Finds Bosses Abusing Jobs, Pittsburgh Press, 6/2/32 (page 1 PP)
Riis Charges Politics in County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/5/32 (page 1 PP)
Everything Just Went Wrong; It's Sad, Sad Tale, Pittsburgh Press, 6/7/32 (page 2 PP)
(Interesting story about planting trees where they will die)
Family Returning Home Finds Bear on Front Porch, Pittsburgh Press, 6/10/32 (page 24 PP)
Riis Summoned in County Quiz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/8/32 (page 10 PG)
Parks Director Passes Buck in Waste Inquiry, Pittsburgh Press, 8/12/32 (page 2 PP)
Riis Denies all Charges, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/13/32 (page 3 PG)
County Fires Riis, Starts Shakeup, Pittsburgh Press, 9/29/32 (page 1 PP)
(Alexander Marion new director)
Ax is Swinging for Others as Riis Loses Job, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/30/32 (page 1 PG)
Ghost of Riis Wins Park Fund, Pittsburgh Press, 11/2/32 (page 15 PP)
(Riis Fired-charges of Mismanagement and Extravagance)
County’s Park Cost Exceeds That of City, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 1/16/33
Commissions Ponder County Parks Facilities, Pittsburgh Press, 2/9/33 (page 6 PP)
(dam Pine Creek for lake-cause typhoid fever)
County Sings ‘Raffle Off the Buffalo’, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/33 (page 36 PP)
May be Cheaper to Play on Private Course than at North or South Park, Pittsburgh Press, 3/24/33 (page 39 PP)
County Spends Staggering Sum for Golf, Pittsburgh Press, 3/26/33 (page 1 sporting PP)
Artist Deserts Gay ‘Paree’ for Log Cabin near Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Press, 3/29/33 (page 16 PP)
(Charles Heberer painted scenes of North Park)
County Finds Buffaloes are Now White Elephants, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/31/33 (page 13 PG)
County Sings ‘Raffle Off The Buffalo, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/33 (page 36 PP)
County’s Public Course Golfers Mince No Words in Condemning 100 Per Cent Increase in Fees for Season, Pittsburgh Press, 4/1/33 (page 9 PP)
Forest Army Mobilizing for Rush to Jobs,  Pittsburgh Press, 4/6/1933 (page 21 PP)
(pict of jobless men showing up at the Pittsburgh Emergency Relief Association to work in forests, went to Ft. Monroe, VA for conditioning)
Work Recruits Leaving Today, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/8/33 (page 13 PG)
(Pittsburgh CCC recruits leaving Pittsburgh today for Ft. Monroe for conditioning)
First Local Forest Army Detail Leaves for Camp, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/11/33 (page 1 PG)
(Pittsburgh CCC recruits leaving Pittsburgh for Ft. Monroe for conditioning)
Baby Buffalo is born in North County Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/25/33 (page 21 PG)
Reserve Officers Head Hits Forestry Critics, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/9/33 (page 1 Sports/page 17 PG)
Forest Army ‘Digs in” for North Park Duty, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 6/17/33 (page 3)
Forest Army Unit Marches on North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/17/33 (page 2 PG)
Life in Outdoors Proves To nice for Youths from all Parts of City, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/14/33 (page 26 PG)
(good explanation of life in CCC camps for Pittsburgh CCC boys)
City Youths Build Tarzan Muscles in Outdoor Work, Pittsburgh Press, 7/23/33 (page 2 PP)
(CCC mentions Andy Bregholt and boss Bill Thompson)
Jewish Women will Fete Reforestation Men, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/28/33 (page 12 PG)
Club Women on Vacations, Pittsburgh Press, 7/28/33 (page 22 PP)
Entertain Forest Corps, Pittsburgh Press, 8/2/33 (page 20 PP)
Forest Army to be Given Flag, Pittsburgh Press, 8/15/33 (page 19 PP)
Reservists to Present Flag to “Forest Army”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/15/33 (page 13/page 1 sporting PG)
Forest Army Camp Gets Flag Tonight, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/17/33 (page 13 PG)
Council of Women Entertains Campers, Pittsburgh Press, 9/6/33 (page 19 PP)
Camp of Forestry Corps Planned for South Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/25/33. (page 2 PG)
(barn pictured)
Record in Safety, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/25/33
Fair Buildings to House Poor, Pittsburgh Press 10/11/33 (page 8 PP)
(200 housed in North Park)
(CCC group going to South Park on Saturday from Pocatello Idaho)
Forestry Camp Executive will Speak of Activities, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/16/33 (page 7 PG)
(Colonel Landers, Supervisor for West PA CCC camps speaks about)
(‘Six Months of Camp Life have Done for 274,000 American Boys’)
Seek Federal Aid for Pool in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/28/33 (page 9 PG)
(CCC to clear land for swimming pool; build a lake; obtain water from Cabbage Hill in Shaler)
Wait Around Tent Stove for New Barracks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/15/33 (page 2 PG)
(mentions Mike Gentile, William Reeder, Bud Shipley, and Whisner)
County Forms Relief Plans, Pittsburgh Press 11/23/33 (page 8 PP)
3,400 Going Back to Work Over County, Pittsburgh Press, 11/26/33 (page 1 PP)
(Civil Works Program, 1000 to work on Pearce Mill Road from relief rolls)
Reserve Officers to Hold Elections, Pittsburgh Press, 1/7/34 (page 6 PP)
CCC Boys Need Furnishings for Camp Ladies Building, Pittsburgh Press, 2/22/34 (page 17 PP)
Pittsburgh Public Links Step Forward, Pittsburgh Press, 3/3/34 (page 8 PP)
Winkle Finds CCC, FERA, AAA Alphabet to Master, Pittsburgh Press, 3/3/34 (page 12 PP)
County Parks Improve with ‘Alphabet’ Aid, Pittsburgh Press, 3/25/34 (page 10 Sports page / page 26 PP) 
(North and South Park get CCC unit, South Park gets Boy Scout building, Transportation Museum racing, horse stable)
Forest Fires Here Sweep 1,000 Acres, Pittsburgh Press, 5/7/34 (page 6 stocks, page 46 PP)
(North Park CCC help extinguish blaze in Bradford Woods)
U.S. Aid Terms Dim Hope for Free Tunnels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/30/34 (page 1 PG)
(CWA No dam, boathouse or lake for North Park, will be with PWA)
German Youth who Journeyed Afar on Sailing Ships is a Leading Pittsburgh Architect, Pittsburgh Press, 7/8/34 (page 31 PP)
(Karl Weber architect of swimming pool)
U.S. Asked to Renew Activities of Local Unit, Pittsburgh Press, 8/25/34 (page 9 PP)
(CCC many names mentioned)
Jewish Council Gives Party for C.C.C. workers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/25/34 (page 28 PG)
North Park CCC Barracks Burned, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/1/34 (page 17/page 1 sports PG)
Plans for Lake in North Park Again Studied, Pittsburgh Press, 11/17/34 (page 10 PP)
(Eliminate Devils Elbow curve on Babcock-Lake Marshall? dam started last spring CWA labor)
(one leg of lake would be 1 1/4 miles and 2nd leg would be 3/4 mile)
(largest body of water within 60 miles of Pittsburgh)
County Heads, PWA, to meet, Pittsburgh Press, 2/7/35 (page 11 PP)
(swimming pool and installation of water line from Shaler)
North Park Club House is Planned, Pittsburgh Press, 4/4/35 (page 36 sports/page 27 PP)
Geographical Park System, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/8/35
Pennsylvania to Benefit, Pittsburgh Press, 5/9/35 (page 14 PP)
(CCC tree planting, road, and trails and camps through Pennsylvania and North and South Parks)
City, County Pushing Plans on Relief, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/18/35 (page 4 PG)
Letters from our Readers, Caterpillars, Out of Their "Tents," Feasting, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/12/35
O.K. for $347,000 Grant to Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/28/35
Civilian Corps Guests Today, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/2/35 (page 12 PG)
Recreation Group Entertains at Camp, Pittsburgh Press, 7/2/35 (page 18 PP)
Booking Games, Pittsburgh Press, 7/28/35 (page 14 / page 2 sports PP)
(mushball games with CCC boys call Mr. Mulligan)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/26/35 (page 19)
(600,000 Youths Find New Hopes for Future in Camp Training)
(1st of six in series about CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/27/35 (page 19)
(Camp Environment Builds Sturdy Characters From City's Loiterers-- CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/28/35 (page 19)
(Forestry Work of young Men Saves Nation Millions of Dollars in Timber-CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/29/35 (page 19)
(Education, Health Play Important Part in Life of Young Men--CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/30/35 (page 25)
(Writer Spikes Reports of Military Drilling at Conservation Camps--CCC)
Roosevelt's Tree Army, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/35 (page 9)
(Camp Commanders Face Big Problem Straightening out Nation's Youth-CCC)
County will Build Pool in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 9/10/35 (page 2 PP)
Archery Club Holds Meet in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/14/35, (page 16/page 17 PG)
Relief Need Seen for 165,000 New Year’s Day, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/15/35 (page 8 PG)
(WPA money for tree planting at the site  of a proposed North Park Lake)
Farmers Protest Work in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 12/3/35 (page 17 PP)
McCandless Township Farmers Protest, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/4/35 (page 10 PG)
(letter to editor by Robert G. Jackson regarding money for lodge, North Ridge Drive, golf course club house, boathouse, Pierce Mill Road, simming pool, lake, tennis field house)
Revision of Proposed Expenditures Asked, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/9/35 (page 5 PG)
(McCandless Farmers protesting expenditure of 1,675,000 for PWA projects to include lake, dam, roads, boathouse, lodge and tennis field house-led by Robert Jackson)
Farmers Protest North Park Plans, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/9/35 (page 5)
(county to get 45% PWA grant for huge lake, boathouse, lakeshore drive and tennis field house, farmers protest expenditures)
U. S. Will Pay Out $1,627,000 at North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/14/35, (page 5, PG)
Lake Marshall Open for Skating, Pittsburgh Press, 12/24/35 (page 8 PP)
WPA News North Park Boathouse and Lake Work to Start, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/31/35 (page 5 PG)
(PWA rules say men must come from relief but can't find enough men)
North Park Lake Work will Start, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/6/36 (page 4 PG)
Park Building Shelters 1300 Flood Victims, Pittsburgh Press, 3/21/36 (page 3 PP)
North Park Site Sought for $650,000 Air Base, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/10/36 (sports page 1 / page 17 PG)
 (airport in North Park with WPA funds)
New Airport Foes Assailed, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/23/36 (page 2 / page 30 PG)
(Hornbostel predicts airplanes will do away with war, airport to be constructed with WPA funds and located adjacent to the swimming pool)
Charges Split Commissioners, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/30/36 (page 4 PG)
(Favoritism Protest Made by New Deal Foe is Hotly Argued)
County to Get Free Cash, Pittsburgh Press, 7/2/36 (page 11 PP)
(for tree planting)
Col. Tim McCoy an Expert in American Indina Lore, Post-Gazette, 7/4/36,(page 10 PG)
(comes to East Liberty with WildWest Show)
Fire Truck is Rescued as Buffalo Barn Burns, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/22/36 (page 12 PG)
Flood Proves Boon, Filling New Park Lake, Pittsburgh Press, 11/5/36 (page 18 PP)
Asks Why CCC Bans Non-Relief Youths, Pittsburgh Press, 12/5/35 (page 16 PP)
(letters to the editor on not being on relief but could benefit from the CCC)
Plan Arboretum, Pittsburgh Press, 12/16/36 (page 23 PP)
(short article about South and North Park arboretum)
Romantic Names for Picnic Plots, Pittsburgh Press, 12/18/36 (page 15 PP)
(mentions Enright as origin for name of NP shelter and maybe some other NP names)
County's Two Golf Houses Among Best, Pittsburgh Press, 2/7/37 (page 2 Sports / page 19 PP)
School Was Never Like This When Grandpa was a Boy, Pittsburgh Press, 2/25/37 (page 38 PP)
(WPA arts program)
War on Pests Spares Bees, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/7/37 (page 1 Sports, page 17 PG)
County's Parks To Be Improved, Pittsburgh Press, 6/4/37 (page 23 PP)
(Lake Erie sand for North Park wading pool)
Improvements Requested for County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/11/37 (page 22 PP)
(WPA workmen inexperienced in tree surgery were killing good trees)
North Park Water Plant in Operation, Pittsburgh Press, 6/20/37, (page 13 PP)
Throngs Attend Opening of Huge North Park Pool, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/21/37
North Park Pool to Open Monday, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/21/37 (page 34)
New North Park Pool Dedication Monday, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph 7/2/37
Pool to Open in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/2/37 (page 12 PG)
(two pages, one with picts)
New North Park Pool Dedication, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 7/2/37
North Park’s New Swimming Pool is Dedicated, Pittsburgh Press, 7/6/37 (page 2 PP)
(Pict of Hornbostel and John Kane)
Hornbostel Faces Quiz on Cake Hauling, Pittsburgh Press, 8/1/37 (page 5 PP)
Observation Tower Opens in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 8/8/37 (page 14 PP)
(good explanation of inside of tower)
North Park Lake will be Drained, Pittsburgh Press, 10/8/37 (page 38 PP)
North, South Parks to be Remapped, Pittsburgh Press, 11/5/37 (page 54 PP)
(stone pylons to be added to entrances)
County to Give Buffalo to City, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/3/37 (page 27 PG)
(one buffalo to Highland Park, South Park, 6 slaughtered to reduce county’s feed bill)
Indian Wood Carver Dies, Pittsburgh Press, 2/19/38 (page 2 PP)
North Park Clubhouse to be Dedicated May 30, Pittsburgh Press, 4/26/38 (page 26 PP)
Six County Camps aid Underprivileged, Pittsburgh Press, 7/15/38 (page 4 PP)
Man Rescues Invalid Wife from Flames, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/19/38 (page 3 PG)
(McCandless one room schoolhouse burns to ground, had been used as shelter for picnics)
Parks Provide Varied Recreational Facilities, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
(good discussion of all works in park written by Hornbostel)
North Park Pool Scene of Gala ‘Aqua Ballet’, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 42 PP)
Parks Offer Camp Sites, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
Pool is Largest, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 45 PP)
(pict of Karl Weber, swimming pool architect)
Varied Programs Planned to Mark Big Celebration, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38
(Sesqui Centennial celebration)
Nationally known Outboard Motorboat Racers to Vie for Honors in Fourth Annual Regatta, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 41 PP)
Pools and Trails Beckon Visitors to County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 8/31/38 (page 46 PP)
Pirates Loot May be Buried in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 10/30/38 (page 40/ page 12 Classified PP)
(1758 cachets in North Park)
Architect's Sketch Of Picnic Lodges In County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 12/8/38 (page 17 Society PP)
Relics of Mound Builders Being Stolen, County Told, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/18/39 (page 1 PG)
Verbal Arrows Fly Over Indian Excavation Plan, Pittsburgh Press, 1/25/39 (page 22 PP)
Indian Relic Fight Grows More Bitter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/25/39 (page 13 PG)
North, South Parks Lodges Approved, Pittsburgh Press, 3/31/39 (page 14 PP)
(information lodge at Ingomar and Babcock, jail cell)
Flotilla at North park to be Increased by 25, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/9/39 (page 2 PG)
Children will Get Vacations in Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 6/21/39 (page 5 PP)
New Shelters Due in 2 County parks, Pittsburgh Press, 11/19/39 (page 8/53 PP)
(accommodate 16-20 children, straw mattresses)
Hornbostel’s Reign as Park Boss Near End, Pittsburgh Press, 11/20/39 (page 2 PP)
Park Arboretum Work to Start This Spring, Pittsburgh Press, 3/17/40 (page 31 PP)
(excellent discussion of arboretum)
Skeet and Trapshoot Sport Expands, Pittsburgh Press, 3/30/41 (page Sporting 10 / page 30 PP)
(trap and skeet range)
News of Veterans, Pittsburgh Press, 6/8/41 (page 64 / page 14 fourth section PP)
(80th division of the A.E.P. memorial dedicated at Babcock and Wildwood-Flag Day)
Shooters Dream Nears Completion, Pittsburgh Press, 9/7/41 (page 22/page 8 second section PP)
(Trap and Skeet pict of 5 trap ranges)
Model Air Races Slated for North Park on July 5th, Pittsburgh Press, 6/7/42 (page 42/page 15 third section PP)
City, County to Help Press Stage Annual Air Races on July 5, Pittsburgh Press, 6/20/42 (page 48/page 10 third section PP)
(Air Watchers to Return to Lookout Posts, Pittsburgh Press, 1/3/43 (page 10 4th section/page 62 PP)
(a tower was located on West Ridge Road manned by American Legion folks)

Air Warning Service to Demonstrate Plan, Pittsburgh Press, 3/28/43 (page 17 PP)
Show Depicts Raid Warning, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/29/43 (page 12 PG)
County to Spend $160,000 to Primp up its Big Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 3/10/46 (page 19 PP)
(Administration building proposed for Babcock, first floor admin/fire/police and restaurant on 2nd floor buffalo still in park)
County Gives City Bison for the Zoo, Pittsburgh Press, 7/24/46 (page 7 PP)
Big Bull Buffalo Balks But - ‘Hunters’ Haul Him Handily, Pittsburgh Press, 4/30/47 (page 14 PP)
297 Entrants Await Start of Big Race, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/14/47 (page 5 PG)
Saturday is Derby Day, Crowds go to North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/19/47 (page 1 PG)
North Park Staff to Learn how to out fox Wily Fox, Pittsburgh Press, 1/8/48 (page 29 PP)
Zither Player, Pittsburgh Press, 1/10/48 (page 22)
(Zither player is Karl Weber, designed North Park Pool)
Zitherist, Pittsburgh Press, 2/8/45 (page 19)
(Zither player is Karl Weber, designed North Park Pool)
Winter Carnival Changes Planned for North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 3/1/48 (page 21 PP)
Foxes Must go so North Park can get Quail, Pittsburgh Press, 9/23/48 (page 2 PP)
County Swimming Pools Given Bill of Health, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/19/49, (page 11 PG)
North Park Skeet Building Burns, Pittsburgh Press, 2/11/50 (page 3 PP)
(Skeet barn may be the barn used by the CCC camp)
Match Book Traps Suspect in 6 County Arson Cases, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/13/50 (page 13 PG)
(Harold Kelly set fire to skeet building caused $15,000 worth of damage)
Wrecker Can’t Bear to Tear Down Bank Pillars, Pittsburgh Press, 5/13/51 (page 4 PP)
(Picture of E. F. Griffith, county architect who designed Schoolhouse shelter)
County Parks more Popular than ever, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/23/51 (page 23 PG)
(mention of a wading pool and overnight camps)
E.V. Babcock ‘Fathered’ County Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 8/24/51 (page 25 PG)
(comment about no money, no jobs, but time on their hands)
Plain Old Age disabled 'Fountain of Youth', Pittsburgh Press, 1/18/53 (page 18 PP)
County Approves Park Projects, Pittsburgh Press, 5/15/53 (page 9, page 15 PP)
24-Hour Air Watch Pushed in County, Pittsburgh Press, 10/6/53 (page 7 PP)
‘Space Rocket’ to Help Defend City, Pittsburgh Press, 12/18/53 (page 3 PP)
(How it works and pict)
New Bid Made for Nike Site, Pittsburgh Press, 3/2/54 (page 75/ page 9 shopping PP)
Tailless Kite Makes Everyone Soar, Pittsburgh press, 3/6/54 (page 21 page 20 PP)
(Kite and Kenneth Saylor-architect of North and South Park lodges)
North Park Nike Launching Site Approval by County, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 3/15/54
Guided Missile Site Wins County Approval, Pittsburgh Press, 4/5/54 (page 12 PP)
Nike will be Installed Here by September, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/6/54 (page 15 PG)
Army and Cupid, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/8/54 (page 31, page PG)
(realign West Ridge Road Lovers Lane for Nike)
Contract Let on Nike Sites, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/2/54 (page 21 PG)
‘Fountain of Youth’ Shut off as Impure, Pittsburgh Press, 5/11/55 (page 1 PP)
Karl Weber County Parks Official, Dies, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/13/55 (page 10 PG)
(swimming pool architect)
‘Operation Skytrain’ on Sunday, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/5/55 (page 3 PG)
Operation ‘Skytrain’ Deters Flying “Foes”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/8/55 (page 15 PG)
County Fair Featuring Guided Missiles Along with Unguided Misses, Pittsburgh Press, 8/27/55 (page 9 PG)
Skywatchers Observe 4th Anniversary, Pittsburgh Press, 7/8/56 (page 4 PP)
Age Closes North Park’s Youth Oasis, Pittsburgh Press, 10/29/56 (page 10, page 6 PP)
Thousands of Fish Lost as Dam Drains, Pittsburgh Press, 5/13/57 (page 2 PP)
The People Speak Explains Attack Warning System, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/15/58 (PG)
And Now North Park will get Skating Rink, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/15/58 (page 17/page 9 PG)
(D. K. Ritchey architects for ice rinks in both parks)
Neurotic Ducks get $400 Cure: $17,500 so Golfers Won’t Slide, Pittsburgh Press, 2/9/58 (page 14/page 1 section 2 PP)
(county spends too much money)
Skating Dream Comes True, Pittsburgh Press, 5/3/58 (page 3)
McCandless asks Park Water, Pittsburgh Press, 5/6/59 (page 35/ page 18 PP)
(McCandless wants to use Marshall Lake for municipal water source)
North Park Excursion Boat Sure, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/10/60 (page 21 PG)
McDonough Sure He’ll Paddle a Profit, Pittsburgh Press, 4/13/60 (page 24/page 13 PP)
Boat Goes Down as Costs go up, Pittsburgh Press, 5/2/60 (page 2 PP)
Ice Rinks to be Ready This Fall, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/11/60 (page 16 PG)
(North Park Opening set in November, Pittsburgh Press, 8/6/60 (page 29/page 2 section 3 PP)
(descriptions of North and South Park Ice rinks)
Skating Fee in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/12/60 (page 6/ page 11 PG)
Ice Skating Starts Today at North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 12/27/60 (page 60 PP)
Ice Rink Readied for Opening Day, Pittsburgh Press, 1/25/61 (page 2 PP)
It’s ‘Bring Your Own Skates’ as North Park Ice Rink Opens, Pittsburgh Press, 2/18/61 (page 1 PP)
Parks Chief Hiding New Ice Rink ‘Shack”, Pittsburgh Press, 2/19/61 (page 2 PP)
Ice Show Features Dedication of Rink, Pittsburgh Press, 3/12/61 (page PP)
County May Open Marshall Lake Skating, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/28/61, (page 4/page 3 PG)
Quit Polluting Lake, McDonough Told, Pittsburgh Press, 9/5/63 (page 5/page 31 PP)
US Seeks Lease on Park Site, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/4/64 (Page 28 PG)
Carillon Rings out over North Hills, a Memorial to the Kummer Families, North Hills News Record, 5/25/66
(St. Pauls Church, North Park)
County Rushes Openings of Ice Rinks, Pittsburgh Press, 9/27/61 (page 38/page 20 PP)
North Park May Get New Golf Course, Pittsburgh Press, 8/7/62 (page 2 PP)
New North Park Golf Course Out, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/7/62 (page 17/page 9 PG) U.S. Seeks Lease On Park Site, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/4/62 (page 29/page 15 PG)
Children will Move to Nike Site, North Hills News Record, 6/15/66
(Nike facilities (Schramm Hall used for temporary house of delinquent children)
Dependent Children Transferred, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/22/66 (page 11)
(Nike facilities (Schramm Hall used for temporary house of delinquent children))
New Home, North Hills News Record, 6/29/66 (page 9)
(Nike facilities (Schramm Hall used for temporary house of delinquent children)
300 South Park Elm Trees Must be Destroyed, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/17/66 (page page 7 /page 11 PG)
Tour of Missile Facilities ‘Reassuring’, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/21/66, (page 41/page 21 PG)
(mentions meaning of Oozlefinch)
County Needs 57 for Welfare Unit, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/7/66 (page 60)
(dependent and neglected children housed at Schramm House North Park)
New Lures Spur Mining in Park Bid, Pittsburgh Press, 2/10/68 (page 2 PP)
(uses for Wildwood Mine)
Old North Park Nike Site may get a Face Lifting, North Hills News Record, 9/18/68 (page 41)
(police and fire academy conceived)
County Plans to Enlarge North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 11/17/68
County Adds 240 Acres to North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/23/69
Cracks Inch toward North Park Pool, Pittsburgh Press, 9/30/69 (page 26, page 40 PP) (Map of pool area)
Who will Run Police, Fire Academy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/6/69 (page 3)
Blind Get Own Forest Walk in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/27/70 (page 21 PG)
Pine Creek Sewage Job Start Near, Pittsburgh Press, 1/26/71 (page 10 PP)
High Climb Cubs Scale North Park Tower, North Hills News Record, 10/16/71
Police-Fire Academy Building Nears End, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/27/71 (page 9/ page 17 PG)
Fire Academy Dedicated, Pittsburgh Press, 10/28/71 (page 2 PP)
Sidetracked Truman Car May Become Ski Spa, Pittsburgh press, 12/7/71 (page 14/ page 27 PP)
Truman’s Railroad Car Destined to Become Ski Lodge, The Nevada Dail Mail, 2/20/72 (page 9/page 5)
(Wildwood Ski Lodge)
County to Expand N. Park 20%, Pittsburgh Press, 4/18/72, (page 13 North section PP)
They're Messing up Your Park, North Hills News Record, 7/29/72
N. Park Biking Study Okayed, Pittsburgh Press, 9/22/72
From Fair to Fountain of Youth at County’s South, North Parks, Pittsburgh Press, 8/14/73 (page 17/page 9 PP)
Parks Director Kelly Resigns County Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/1/75 (page 8/page 15 PG)
North Park Wave of Vandalism Mounts, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/30/78 (page 23/page 1 North Section PG)
North Park ‘Dig’ to Open for Tourists, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/14/79 (page 22/ page PG North 17 PG)
Archaeologists 'Dig' Rocky Dell Findings, North Hills News Record, 6/15/79
Pitt, North Park to conduct tours of dig, North Hills News Record, 6/15/79
Yesterday's Litter Today's Artifacts, Pittsburgh Press, 6/24/79
North Park Guides, North Hills News Record, 6/26/79, (page A-2)
They’re Digging up Dirt on the Past, Pittsburgh Press, 7/9/79
Area Archaeologists Really Dig Their Work, North Hills News Record, 7/17/79, (page 9)
Artifacts at Carnegie, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/3/79 (page 10/ page 18 PG)
(tour Rocky Dell dig and mini exhibit at the Carnegie Museum)
North Park Archaeological Site Closing, Pittsburgh Press, 8/9/79 (page 29/page D9 PP)
St. Pauls Celebrates 125th, North Hills News Record, 9/28/79
'Rocky Dell I' Archaeologists: out of the Pits into the Laboratory, North Hills News Record, 10/5/79(page B-1)
Builder Mourns South Park Lodge, Pittsburgh Press, 4/23/81 (page S12, page 35 PP)
(architect Kenneth Saylor)
North Park Grove Named for Shaler Conservationist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/6/82, (page 36/ page N-7 PG)
Rocky Dell Artifacts Yield Secrets, Pittsburgh Press, 4/6/83 (page N-7 PP)
It Happened July 23, Pittsburgh Press, 7/24/83 (page 1/page B-18 PP)
(CCC fifty years ago)
North Park More Than 50 Years in the Making and Growing, The Greater North Hills Free Press, 12/19/83
It Happened, Pittsburgh Press, 10/31/84 (page D-6/page 26 PP)
(CCC barracks burned 50 years ago from defective wiring)
Facility Fixes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/25/87 (page 120 /page PG East 8 PG)
Four Towns Plan to Form Co-op to Compost Leaves in North Park, Pittsburgh Press, 9/6/89 (page 26 N3 PP)
Hands of Time Moving again in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/11/91 (page 31, page 18 PG)
Decorated by Time, Pittsburgh Press, 5/29/94 (page NV1)
Hard Times Soft Coal, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/4/94
A New Spring is Sought for County's Little-Known Arboretum, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/28/96
Environmentalists Find 25-Acre Treasure, North Hills News Record, 5/20/96
Community Shouldn't Hide Park's Beauty, North Hills News Record, 5/22/96
A Delightful History, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/26/97
(church and school house)
North Park Rockshelter Reveals Amazing Secrets, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/23/97 (page VN1 PG)
Buffalo Once had a Home to Roam in North Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/9/97
North Park Arboretum Revitalization to Continue, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/9/97 (page N3/page 24 PG)
Nature Center First a Barn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/13/97 (page VN2)
(picture of Naturalist’s house)
No Rest, No Peace, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/25/00 (page B1)
County Details Plans for Northern Parks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/20/01 (page 39/ page 1 North PG)
Shielding Pittsburgh Business, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/23/01 (Business page 1)
A Neighbor You Should Know, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/16/01
(Marge Kobert)
In South Park, Buffalo Still Roam, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/1/13 (pp B1 PG)