Shelter Names

Beveridge shelter
Along South Ridge Drive
From 1920 census
Andrew and Elizabeth Beveridge lived on either Rolshouse Road or Pearce Mill Road next to Wagener
From 1876 map
W. Beveridge across creek from Pearce Mill
R. T. Beveridge in location of girl scout cabin

Camp Hemlock

Located at the intersection of Peebles Road and Hemlock Road.  Camp Hemlock, Camp Westridge, and Camp Irwin were constructed in 1938 as overnight camping facilities for underpriviledged children.  An overturned flagpole is all that remains of Camp Irwin.  Camp Westridge was demolished for the police and fire training academy. 

Cottage Grove shelter
Along Old Ingomar
From observation
Anderson cottages 3-5 cottages rented out by Anderson family in the area of Cottage Grove. Either demolished or moved when county bought land

Devils Elbow shelters
Across from the pool
County annual report 1931
devils elbow removed from Babcock Blvd.
It could be Hemlock and Babcock area where there were 2 sharp hairpin turns thus the naming of the shelters. See 1910 topo and 1939 aerial

Enright shelter
Near Nike site/Police Academy
From Post Gazette
Thomas Enright
First person killed from Allegheny County WWI

Gold Star shelter
Along Lakeshore Drive
From webpage
Gold star mothers is a term that came into general use with the creation of the service flags used to show that a family had a son in the service (a blue star) or a son that had died in the service (a gold star almost covering the blue star so that a rim of blue still shows).

Henderson shelter
At intersection of Babcock and Hemlock
From County annual report 1930
E.W. Henderson owned the land upon which the shelter was constructed
Henderson-east of Babcock, $500.00/acre fine groves, level plateau, and fine stand of Jersey Pine

Kolich shelter
Along Lakeshore Drive
From Post Gazette 10/6/82
Mr. Kolich helped clean up county streams. Now streams support trout Shaler only uniformed Conservation officer in Pa

Latham shelter
Along Lakeshore Drive
From webpage
Roger Latham
Chief of Research at the Pennsylvania Game Commission in the mid-1950s
Outdoor Editor of the Pittsburgh Press 1957-1979

Mill shelter (now Avalon)
Along McKinney Road
See Pearce Shelter

Moon shelter
Along Old Ingomar Road.
County annual report 1934
The old barn on the Moon property was razed and a large shelter erected on the foundation walls. This shelter will have three inside ovens and will be large enough to accommodate at least 200 persons. The property around the old Moon House and barn is being improved and landscaped.
(Moon property directly south of Guyton property-see map from1914 from Archives of an Industrial Society)
McCandless 1914 Map

Pearce shelter
Along Pearce Mill Road
Named for the Pearce Family whose home is now the Administration Building
They ran the Pearce Milling Company. It was located behind the Administration building
Larry Pearce whose father grew up in what is now the Administration building has written about his family history.  
Settlement at Pine Creek I
Settlement at Pine Creek II and
The Pearce Milling Company

Pie Traynor Field
During the late '40s, Traynor was comfortably settling into the role of "Mr. Pittsburgh." The man was everywhere. He became a sort of professional raconteur, traveling all over western Pennsylvania, often several nights a week, speaking to clubs and fraternal organizations. In 1946 he was appointed Allegheny County's recreation supervisor for county parks, which paid him about $3,300 a year to set up baseball schools for area kids, modeled after those that Rogers Hornsby ran in Chicago. He remained in that post for about 18 months, until general manager Roy Hamey welcomed him back into the Pirates family as a scout and goodwill ambassador. Traynor's responsibilities were light; he ran tryout camps and baseball schools, and represented the team at public events. 
From Society for American Baseball Research

Schoolhouse shelter
Along Walter Road
From Town of McCandless Sesquicentennial Anniversary book 1851-2001
Walters school was located at the present site of the schoolhouse Grove in North Park.
1 room school house, constructed between 1834-1837
Walters school closed around 1923 and the students were transferred to the Ingomar School
School and its 1/2 acre sold to Union Trust 11/17/27
destroyed by fire 1938
Schoolhouse shelter constructed in its place in 1941 rustic duplex shelter by WPA (WPA 2440)

Groves renamed
4/28/29 Pittsburgh Press
Walters to Parish Hill
Willow to The Willows
Klein to Forest Glen
Pearce Mill to Mill Grove

All groves are equipped with tables, benches and outdoor ovens. Natural springs are either in or near the groves. Wading pools for children in some groves