Buffalo & Eddie Big Beaver

Having arrived from Trexler's Farm in Lehigh County in December of 1927, buffalo were seen roaming in a reserve that was bounded by Lakeshore Drive and Pearce Mill Road.  In May of 1928, a family from the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana came to care for the buffalo.   Eddie Big Beaver (~1882 - 1958) otherwise known as Omachk-kseepsee or Big Red Belt came to North Park with his wife, Cecile Potts and 3 children.   A fourth child was born in Pittsburgh. With them they brought their tipi.  They left in March of 1931 returning to the reservation.   Adolf Hungry Wolf wrote about Eddie Big Beaver's life and included a picture of him when he was 22.  According to his obituary (scroll down to Aug 7, 1958), Eddie Big Beaver, was quite the showman. After his stint as buffalo caretaker in North Park, he was employed by Barnum and Bailey's Ringling Brothers circus. He also went to Hollywood with several other Blackfeet and starred with Shirley Temple in Suzanne of the Mounties.  North Park's buffalo herd was sent to South Park where today there is still a herd in the buffalo reserve.