Paintings and Pictures

Charles Heberer (b 1865 d 1952) painted pictures of North Park, Ingomar Road, and Kummer Road from his studio along Kummer Road (Old Kummer). The studio was attached to a log cabin from 1832 that is STILL there. His paintings from the 1920s and 30s show a simpler, idealistic and more quiet time. 
Visit this link to see pictures of Charles Heberer's paintings in private collections.
Northland Public Library now has a local history website. 
Visit this link for Northland Library's Local History Collection.
Northland Public Library is maintaining a collection of photographs of North Park.  These photographs came from the Allegheny County Public Works department. 
Visit this link for the photographs stored on the Historic Pittsburgh site
Links to specific structures are listed below:
Link Swimming Pool 1937
Link Boathouse 1937
Link Lodge on North Ridge Drive 1937
Link Observation Tower/Standpipe 1937 (link to page with narrative, drawings and photographs)
Link Ice rink 1960

Postcard Booklet featuring Eddie Big Beaver from Allegheny County Parks