Reptiles and Amphibians

See Handouts section for full color brochures of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North Park: Handouts

Checklist of Amphibians (Pennsylvania)


o  Appalachian Seal Salamander

o  Eastern Hellbender

o  Eastern Mud Salamander  *

o  Four-toed Salamander

o  Green Salamander  *

o  Jefferson Salamander

o  Longtail Salamander  ∆

o  Mountain Dusky Salamander

o  Mudpuppy

o  Northern Dusky Salamander   ∆

o  Northern Red Salamander   ∆

o  Northern Spring Salamander

o  Northern Two-lined Salamander   ∆

o  Redback Salamander  O

o  Red-Spotted Salamander

o  Slimy Salamander  ∆

o  Spotted Salamander

o  Wehrle’s Salamander


o  Eastern Newt


o  Eastern American Toad   ∆

o  Eastern Spadefoot Toad      

o  Fowler’s Toad  O


o  Bullfrog   ∆

o  Coastal Plain Leopard Frog  !

o  Eastern Gray Treefrog

o  Mountain Chorus Frog   O

o  New Jersey Chorus Frog   !

o  Northern Cricket Frog

o  Northern Green Frog   ∆

o  Northern Leopard Frog  O

o  Northern Spring Peeper   ∆

o  Pickerel Frog    O

o  Western Chorus Frog

o  Wood Frog    ∆


Found in North Park 2008

O Previously found in North Park

* Threatened species

! Endangered species
Checklist of Reptiles (Pennsylvania)

o  Blanding’s Turtle           

o  Bog Turtle

o  Common Snapping Turtle  ∆

o  Eastern Box Turtle   ∆

o  Eastern Mud Turtle          

o  Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle   ∆

o  Map Turtle                  

o  Midland Painted Turtle  ∆

o  Redbellied Turtle   *

o  Spotted Turtle              

o  Stinkpot Turtle             

o  Wood Turtle    ∆


o  Black Rat Snake   ∆

o  Eastern Garter Snake    ∆

o  Eastern Hognose Snake       

o  Eastern Kingsnake           

o  Eastern Massasauga   !V

o  Eastern Milksnake     O

o  Eastern Smooth Green Snake  

o  Eastern Smooth Green Snake  O

o  Eastern Worm Snake          

o  Kirtland’s Snake  !

o  Northern Black Racer        

o  Northern Brown Snake   O

o  Northern Copperhead     V

o  Northern Redbelly Snake     

o  Northern Ringneck Snake   ∆

o  Northern Water Snake    ∆

o  Queen Snake   ∆

o  Ribbon Snake                

o  Rough Green Snake   O

o  Shorthead Garter Snake      

o  Smooth Earth Snake    ∆

o  Timber Rattlesnake   V


o  Broadhead Skink

o  Five Lined Skink

o  Northern Coal Skink

o  Northern Fence Lizard

Found in North Park 2008

O Previously found in North Park

* Threatened species

! Endangered species
V Venomous

Also Check out how to identify snakes to tell it they are venomous or not on the Subpage link:Snakes and Venomous Identification.


  All Pictures Copyright to Elliott Bartels-2010