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Latodami Environmental Education Center located in North Park in Western Pennsylvania, is a great place to get connected to the outdoors.  Our mission is to educate the public about the environment and wildlife found in our region.

Since 1969, Latodami Nature Center has been providing exciting opportunities to explore the out-of-doors though its diverse habitats.  Originally a dairy farm, the Nature Center consists of a newly dredged pond, the historic old barn and silo, many forest and field habitats, as well as several streams and wetlands.  There are currently eleven nature trails that wander the Nature Center's 250 acres of the fields and forests of its lands. 

The original 1914 bank barn (with its authentic tile silo) still stands as an important relic from the dairy farm that Latodami once was.  Today the barn is where we hold meetings and programs for the public.  The barn is open to nature, so many species of birds and bats roost in the upper peaks and rafters.  Barn Swallows and Little Brown Bats are commonly found.

GPS Coordinates
Decimal Degrees: Lat 40.620734  Long -80.029652
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: N 40 31'14.74"  W 80 01'46.88"




North Park
Latodami Environmental Education Center
575 Brown Road
Wexford, PA 15090
Meg Scanlon
Interpretive Naturalist
Phone: 724-935-2170

Email: latodami@yahoo.com

The barn is not open unless there is a program scheduled.  However, you are free to wander the trails from sun rise to sun set, every day.  

We are generally in Monday thru Friday, so if you need to reach us the best way is to call the office number listed above and leave your name, number and message. 

We often receive calls about: injured/sick and baby animals found, programs, reservations for programs, creature capture and relocation, issues in the park, etc.  Feel free to give us a call at the number above for questions. Thanks!

Give us a call if you would like information about the best way to move and relocate animals. It is always best to leave the animal alone if it is not truly causing a problem or risking safety issues.  We will try to at first convince you to leave it alone if we feel it is not a dire situation, but please call because we would rather you call us than resort to killing the animal. You may also contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission for wildlife information and assistance: 724-238-9523.

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