Latinus is a free Latin dictionary and quiz tool based off of Jenny's Latin books.  It provides vocabulary review for each lesson, grammar review, a searchable dictionary, and a translator helper.

The dictionary format is finished, and can be edited with LatinusDev, available here.  If you use it in your own software, please provide a link to this website.

Stuff remaining to be done before a release can be made:
 Complete Create dictionary format and support loading and saving.
 Complete Add auto-updating for both Latinus and LatinusDev, including downloading the most recent dictionary if needed.
 Complete Send feedback and automatic error reports.
 In progress (5%)Finish the dictionary file with all the lessons.  (If you want to help, check out this page [url to be added]) 
 To Do Include in code grammar definitions and support for viewing them.
 To Do Finish To Do list on this website.

If you still want to download it to try it out, you can get it here.  Be warned that it might not work.