The Latina/Latino Focus Group promotes the study of theatre and performance throughout the Americas that address social, political, and cultural issues of concern to Latin@s, or are written, performed, or produced by Latin@s. Open to new and varied ways of defining what constitutes Latin@ and Latin American theatre and Performance, we bring together scholars and practitioners interested in the history, contemporary practice and future of the field.

The LFG supports both the scholarship and practice in Latin@ and Latin American theatre and Performance and the collaborative initiatives between members and their respective institutions. In ongoing effort to expand the field, LFG encourages the development of networks to support both active scholarship and emerging scholars. The LFG also fosters collaboration with the larger ATHE body and advocates for the inclusion of Latin@ and Latin American theatre and performance within all activities of the organization.

To send and receive LFG correspondence, visit http://www.athe.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=66 and follow the instructions for adding your email address (bottom of page). If there are any questions regarding subscriptions, please contact analola.santana@dartmouth.edu or kramirez@lagcc.cuny.edu.

Header images (from top left): performer Carlos Manuel Chavarría in his one-man-show La Vida Loca, Caridad de La Luz/La Bruja in La Bruja: A Witch from the Bronx, Josefina López "Necessary Theatre" UCSD interview by Jorge Huerta, Carmen Gua in Kimberly del Busto's Hurricane in a Glass at Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble, Caroline Tamas in Kathleen Anderson Culebro's La Llorona: a love story directed by Tlaloc Rivas, Carmen Peláez in her one-woman-show Rum & Coke, Jason Ramírez in Passing Judgment at Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, Caridad Svich's adaptation of La casa de los espíritus at Repertorio.  (from bottom left): Alina Troyano/Carmelita Tropicana as Pingalito Betancourt, Tanya Saracho performs Quita Mitos, Josefina Baez performs Dominicanish, Silvia Sierra in Carmen Rivera's La Gringa at Repertorio Español, Brian Herrera's one-man-show I Was the Voice of Democracy.