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Since its inception in 1979, PAREF Southridge School has offered all its high school students four years of Latin. Latin has become one of the most distinguishing marks of a Southridge alumnus, and familiarity with Cicero, Horace, and Virgil, a mark that separates the Southridge gentleman from his peers.

In school year 2003 - 2004, elective subjects began to be offered in Southridge. When in that same year the last teacher who could teach Latin III and IV was assigned to a school management post, Latin III and IV had to be rolled into one to become an elective subject. This is now what is known as Latin Honors.

As expected, only the few and the brave course this elective. These are the best and the brightest who take up the challenge of going deeper into the study of the "mother of European languages" and of developing their powers of analysis and language. In the Latin Honors class, students also develop seriousness of purpose, attention to details, and a sense of professionalism.

Only students who achieve a grade of at least NOTEWORTHY in 2nd Year Latin are allowed to take this course.

The Latin Honors Class also somehow gets involved in the Plautus Awards, the annual competition of original plays of Southridge since the teacher is the pioneer of the Plautus Awards. The Plautus used to be under the Latin Department but was moved to the English Department when Latin III and IV became electives. Some members of the Latin Class volunteer to be part of the Plautus Crew that helps prepare for the Plautus Awards Night. Check out the Plautus Awards and what's it about at the Plautus website.