Latina United purpose is to assist individuals and families of different cultural backgrounds to make it possible that they can be able to achieve their highest potential. We provide emergency crisis intervention through advocacy, conflict resolution and education. We value the understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures.  We are united for the growth, safety, and empowerment of our future as a community.
(We are in the process of obtaining our 501 c 3 status.)

Please visit MCCB if you haven't already:

A "culture broker", is a service provider who is able to assist foreign-born consumers to understand and navigate the system, as well as to advocate for the sometimes unique needs of persons from other cultures.
Community: Assistance with finding resources, filing out paper work, translation of documents, obtaining community ID, applying for passport and tax ID, Advocating on your behalf during emergency: translating at schools, hospitals, courts, and police departments.
Connecting you to resources if you are a displaced family, homeless, or a survivor of Irene/Sandy storm, fire or DV.

(Volunteers Welcomed)
Police Departments: Assisting with translation, mediation and advocacy if a Spanish speaking officer is not available.
Courts: Translating and helping families find resources (anger management, parenting classes etc.)
Schools: Translating during teacher/parent conferences, IEP meetings etc. in order to better assist the child on academic progress. Translating flyers/handouts.
Churches/Temple/Worship Facilities: All of the above.
Monthly Workshops Available
*Referrals will be made if further assistance is needed
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