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If everybody thought before they spoke, the silence would be deafening.
George Barzan

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Yelida Alvarez

Ginette Arrocha

Janice Brown

Blanca Ceville de Brown

Mercedes Ferrabone

Cynthia Galvez

Diamantina Jordan

Anabella Petersen

Aylin Willson


Class works:  

- Learning about lingotek, Feb. 21, 2008 

-Translation job : La organizacion de eventos - sept 21, 2007

- October 15, 2007 : Aspects to investigate in presenting a translation article:


 - Oct. 25 class activity: Installing and using wordfast Translation Memory

-  Job For Oct 31, 2007: Presentations of one article from the translation journal and:

 evaluating and comparing glossaries:

- November 2, 2007: Using wordfast and translating an article from Retirement Wave.

- November 2, 2007: adding a page for computer-assisted translation world-class resources. (www.betranslated.com)

- November 7, 2007: Conference of Bob Adams, with Consecutive translation practice see here the pictures


November 14, 2007: Presentation of wikipedia topics for translation and using wikipedia as an user

November 22nd: Presentation of  wikipedia translation articles (final work)

Thanks is good therapy.


Students pages for the course 2007.

 Aimee Sevillano

Carolina Canto

 Debora Barnett

Andrea Cadena

                                  July 18, 2007 - Conference with Bob Adams

Students pages 2007.2

Haydee Sollberger

Lucia Avelar

Derissa De Gonzalez

Rasheda Jordan

Omar Mercado 

Jessica Tejada

Erick Miranda

Carmenza Flores


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