¡Viva la Webquest!

Welcome to the Latin American Revolution Webquest!

     A Webquest is an interactive search for information on the internet. Using the internet, it will be your task to explore the revolutions that sought Independence for countries in Latin American throughout the 19th century. You will be given a series of questions to answer and specific places in which to locate the information. Each section in the taskbar on the left indicates specific questions to be answered or tasks to be completed. On the worksheets you have been given you will record the answers to the questions or the tasks indicated. Each task or series of questions has a heading which matches one of the tabs on the sidebar. Within each section the questions will appear on the site with the corresponding hyperlinks to help you find the information. At the end of class you will hand in the completed packet that outlines the Latin American Revolutions. Starting at the introduction section on the sidebar, progress through each of the additional links completing the questions or tasks on your journey. Feel free to ask any questions and good luck on your quest!

¡Viva la revolución!

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