Cranmer's Pardus Notifier

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An Extension for Firefox


What does it do ... ?

This extension provides configurable notification for Pardus Combat Reports, Messages, Chat and Trade Logs. Configuarable notification is via a button, which is overlaid with an C, M, T or Smilie (see above), by alert pop-up box and by sound.

The extension works by scanning the user's Pardus web-pages.

The user-interface consists of three toolbar buttons and an options dialogue.

The Pardus button will take you to the pardus web-page and, when you have a notification, will take you to the relevant combat/message/chat/trade page.

The Alert Boxes (!) button allows you to toggle whether you want to to receive notification by alert boxes. Alert boxes are useful for visual notification when firefox is minimised - the title bar will flash.

Finally, we have the red Chat button which - by default configuration - opens a chat tab and starts monitoring it.

If more than one event occurs at the same time, the events are dealt with in the following order: Combat, Message, Chat, Trade.

To comply with Pardus rules, no direct connection with the server is made. The extension does not refresh any pages. It simply scans firefox pages/tabs which have already been logged in by a user.

Instructions for installation.

Clicking a link below will not install the extension at the moment because of google's server configuration. To install, save the file and then drag it onto Firefox. Alternatively, after saving the file, use File->Open and select the saved file.

In order to use the extension, you will have to add the three Pardus buttons to your toolbar. To do this, go to View->Toolbars->Customise ... and drag the Pardus buttons onto an available toolbar. Once this has been done, use the options dialogue (Tools->Add ons->Options) to configure the notifications you wish to receive, the sounds to be used and the chat room to monitor.


  • 0.63: 18th January 2008.

    • Alliance messages are detected.

    • Bug fix for chat problem in Firefox 3.

    • Works for Firefox 2 and 3.

  • 0.61: 17th June 2007.

    • Latest version for new universes.
  • 0.6: 31st March 2007.
    • Priority list for events is now configurable.
    • Monitoring for whole categories of events can now be toggled.
    • New sound setting: the number of repeats that should be set.
  • 0.54: 10th March 2007.
    • This version monitors the help chat status information in the message frame. This functionality is relatively untested - not having help chat access myself! - although it should only affect those who have help chat access. If the help chat functionality causes problems use 0.51, which is tested.

  • 0.51: 9th March 2007.
    • Alert Boxes now have a confirm option. If cancel is chosen, the user is not taken to the source of the alert.
    • There is now an option to not open chat in a new tab.
  • 0.5: 4th March 2007. Sound Repeating.
    • A minor feature change, but a significant reorganisation of the back-end.
      • Given the amount of new/rewritten code, I can't guarantee that there won't be new bugs, however I'm hoping that the changes made will lead generally to more predictable behaviour and easier fixing of problems in the future.
    • It's now no longer important to add your username in options, so this option has been removed.
    • A fair amount of renaming has gone on ... another potential source of bugs ... but hopefully not too many!
    • As part of the renaming, preferences in the options dialogue will have to be re-entered - they won't persist from old installations. Sorry!
  • 0.4.2: Chat notification!
    • A new button which toggles chat monitoring. We now have three!
      • The button opens up an Alliance Chat tab if one is not opened.
      • If there is no chat window open, for which the extension is configured to listen to, then notification will switch off.
    • No alerts fired when you are last participant in chat.
    • The same options for sound and Alert boxes have been added in the options dialogue for chat monitoring.
    • New Tabs in options.
    • Options for AC/TC/RC/GC monitoring.
  • 0.3.2: 21st February 2007. Options Dialogue, now handles Trade and Combat messages, and is capable of sound alerts.
    • Instructions: uninstall any old version of the extension before installing this version.
    • The main button on the toolbar now responds to PMs with an overlaid 'M', to Combat reports with a 'C' and to trade logs with a 'T'. Clicking on the button should take you to the appropriate page.
    • Messages are processed in the following order: Combat, Messages (PMs), Trade.
    • An options dialogue, accessed via Tools->Add-ons->Options, now allows pop-up alerts to be configured for combat, message, trade.
      • The Toggles Alert toolbar button turns off ALL pop-up alert functionality, and turns on only those pop-ups which are configured in the options dialogue.
    • Also in the options dialogue sound filenames can be specified and tested and configured for combat, message, trade. Each category has a checkbox to specify whether that sound should be played or not.
    • Preferences for the Options dialogue are fully saved.
    • Bugs fixed:
      • The Toggle Alerts toolbar button should now work as soon as it has been dragged onto the toolbar, without requiring a restart.
  • 0.2: 19th February 2007. Alerts!
    • Alerts have been added. In windows (at least - untested on mac, etc.) one can turn this on and minimize your firefox. When a message arrives, an alert box will fire and the title bar for firefox will flash, alerting you to your message.
    • An "Alert Toggle" button has been added to toggle the alert functionality. This can be found and placed on a toolbar, just like the other button. This Alert Toggle button, toggles the setting for your preference as to whether you want alerts to fire when a message arrives.
    • New, more eye-catching image for mail.
  • 0.1: 15th February 2007. Proof of concept.
    • Only visual indication of message arrival.
    • Locales not used.

Comments, suggestions to Cranmer in Pardus.

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