Arcade Theatre Booth

A look back up toward the booth.

photo: Bill Counter - 2011

The current configuration is, of course, not original.
 Look at the way the booth front matches the ceiling plaster
scheme -- it's obviously a later construction. 

Was there a booth originally? The evidence is there
 for one -- although not large enough to run film. It would
have been a follow spot booth.

Another curiosity -- note the front of the booth up
near the ceiling -- it looks like when it was built it didn't
 go all the way up and panels were added.

On the south side, there's a curious half height door. The
main entrance is on the north side. One first enters an
equipment room, then on into the booth itself.

Above the booth ceiling.

In the equipment room there's a hatch to get above its
ceiling. And you find yourself looking at plaster and painted
 surfaces that used to be out in the auditorium before the
present configuration booth was built.

Another view up through the hatch.

And a third glimpse at long hidden plasterwork.

These bottom three photos:
Theatre explorer Daniel up in the hatch, William
Cervera supporting him on his shoulders. Bravo!

In the booth.  All the gear is long gone.

photo: Bill Counter - 2011

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A shaft to the roof.

photo: Bill Counter - 2011

Here's where it gets interesting. We're looking up toward
the roof. Usually you'd have a flat ceiling and just a duct up for
lamp exhaust. Here we get this quite unusual shaftway.

Perhaps this is what remains of the outlines of the original
spot booth. And also (just perhaps) it was suspended from the
roof structure and didn't come all the way down to the seating area.
 Seats below, ladder access? Frequently done. Here, who knows?

The black raceway at left has switches to transfer arc
lamps from rectifier to generator.

Another treat up in the booth.

photo: Bill Counter - 2011

This is in the equipment room on the north side
of the booth. We're looking at the back wall up near the
ceiling -- an area that used to be in the auditorium

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