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Nendra Pazham Pradhaman

Nendran Pazham  / Keralla Banas are versatile fruits which can be used in many ways. This Nendra Pazha Pradhaman is very famous in Kerala and is a very tasty Delicacy served during Onam and Vishu as well as in the marriage functions etc. 

The Varatti part of the Pradhanman can be made earlier and stored. 

Ingredients needed for Nendra Pazham Pradhaman

1 kilo ripe Kerala plantains / Nendran pazham

2 big sized coconuts

1/2 kilo jaggery

2 tbsps ghee

1/2 tsp cardamom powderedor as per your taste

1 tbsp cashewnuts, broken

2 tbsps coconut cut into small pieces / Thenga Kothu

How to prepare Nendran Pazham Pradhaman ?

Cut the fruits in to 3-4 ' pieces, steam them well so that you will be able to mash them when they are cool.

Once cooked, remove the skins and then mash them. Remove the strings if you find any there and keep the fruits aside.

Grate the coconuts, extract 1st, 2nd and the 3rd milk  from the coconuts and keep aside

Cook the jaggery with a little water and make into a syrup of thick consistency.

Add the fruits and the ghee in to this syrup and mix well.

Put the mixture in the thick bottommed vessel and  fry till the ghee starts oozing out.

Then add the 3rd extract of the coconut milk , simmer  and keep stirring till the milk somewhat dries up.

Then add the 2nd extract and simmer  till it gets thicket, then pour the 1 st extract of the coconut milk.

Remove from fire and add the cardamom powder.

Heat a little ghee in a fry pan, fry the broken cashewnuts and coconut pieces, till they get golden.

Pour over the pradhaman and serve either hot or cold.

Points To Note: 

With the Sadya you should always serve the pradhaman hot. Later you can refrigerate and serve  cold also in small cups decorated with freshly fried cashewnuts and coconut pieces  

You can also make the first part that is making the pazham Varatti and store  in airtight containers  for later use.  You need not spend that much time during the day of the festival / function.