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Pictures below of
Props being shown
                                                                                             at CoreCon

Poster below is a CoreCon convention
 Keith Landa (Owner of Latex Sculptures and Designs)
  They are one of the Sponcors for this event, and will be doing live  makeup demos. (Keith will have 2 tables in vendors room selling  there Special FX makeup kits and other unique items!

Our Props being shown at CoreCon




2015 Gift from CoreCon to us

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                      Wicked  Witch
                               CLICK ON JOKER!!!
             We sell a 3 piece 
              (Movie Accurate kit)              
                        We sell Latex masks and Special FX makeup kits
                              and a lot more! Check back for NEW items

                                                 contact us latexsculpture@cableone.net
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