The standard document class for creating presentations in LaTeX is called slides. It is however too simple and unappealing to be used in professional presentations. A modern class for creating presentations in LaTeX is called beamer (beamer.cls). To learn it, see the Beamer Tutorial (Polish version of this tutorial is also available here). For complete manual about beamer class see the Beamer User Guide.

To display a presentation in full screen mode using Adobe Reader, press Ctrl-L or select "Full Screen Mode" from menu "View".

Here is a simple example of a presentation:

\title{Beamer Class Tutorial}

\author{Krzysztof Fleszar}

\frametitle{Example slide}
Presentations should look interesting.


And here are the two resulting slides:

Learn more about beamer.cls class from Beamer Tutorial (if you prefer Polish version, click here). See also the Beamer User Guide.

Copyright (c) 2008, 2013 by Krzysztof Fleszar

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