If you've found this page, it means you're interested in learning LaTeX. I hope I can help. I created these lessons a few years ago when University of Reddit was just getting started, and I've had dozens of people complete them in the time since. I still have students email me documents and ask for help, and I'll always be around to assist.

If you're just starting out, the LaTeX 101 subreddit might look a bit clustered. That's why I created this page.

The "class" is a series of video lessons hosted on Vimeo. You can find each lesson link below, which will link to the lesson page and the video. I recommend starting at the subreddit post for each lesson so you can see my comments and notes, and the comments of others.

The Syllabus:
Here's the syllabus for the class, with important information you'll need throughout:

Getting Started:
If you're new to LaTeX, and it seems daunting to get started, don't worry! I've got a page dedicated to helping you install everything and start writing. Check it out here: http://latex101.wikispaces.com/TeX+clients

The Lessons:
Below are the links to the subreddit posts for each lesson. Again, I recommend starting here, then heading to wikispaces and vimeo for the actual content.
Need Help?
I monitor the LaTeX 101 subreddit still, but not very frequently. However, I'm always available by email. Every few weeks, another new student emails me about the class or to ask a question. Sometimes people send over a new document to show off. Do all of this! I'm here as a resource to anyone that needs it, and always happy to help.