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IMS - TENSILE intense Dessau-Germany

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    16 to 23 september, 2017.

IMS e.V. Archineer® Insitutes at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Bauhaus Campus, Dessau-Rosslau Gemany,
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Contact:  Heike Kleine: heike.kleine@ims-institute.org
IMS e.V. Archineer® Institutes Dessau-Rosslau, Germany
Phone: +49 340 5197 3745

One week overview in membrane and lightweight structures
Certificate program in Tensile Archineering ®
Introductory part of the international study programs Cert.Archineering® and M.Eng. Membrane Structures
Target group:
Professionals in the fields of architecture and engineering as well as craftsmen, managers and interested people in membrane and lightweight structure building.
Language: English
Certificate: Tensile Archineering®
Architectural and structural principals, Membrane Programs, Mechanical and Physical Properties, Building Physics, Detailing, Structural Design concepts, Cables, Economics, Welding and Testing hands on, Pneumatics, Foldable and Convertibles
Download the detailed program here:

Participation Fees:
Students: 350,00 EUR
Block Architecture 16.-19.09.2017 1.000,00 EUR
Complete program 16.-23.09.2017 1.500,00 EUR
Register Now! Places are limited!

Aim of the program
It is observed that there is a great demand for membrane and lightweight structures in its different forms since it can be used for covering huge open spaces with minimal intervention and minimal construction time. Especially in tropical and sun-drenched countries the market is growing rapidly. The technologies of textile building have been advanced and developed enough to be used as important building material in construction all over the world. But only a few experienced people and companies are able to finally implement these challenging projects.

The Tensile Intense Program is created to impart a concentrated overview and universal understanding for the entire process of textile building, starting with the design, following the steps of analysis, detailing, dimensioning, calculating and ending with the erection of a membrane and lightweight structure.

The Certificate is an introductory part of the international Certificate Study program as well as the Master Program of Membrane structures of the Anhalt University to which it can be extended.

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