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Fabric Structures in Architecture, 1st Edition Provides a comprehensive discussion on the varying characteristics of textiles, their properties, and their use in building construction, with particular focus paid to tensile structures J Llorens 2015 España 
Transparent Shells  Form, Topology, Structure, Ernst & Sohn, Berlin H. Schober 2015 Alemania  
Membrane Structures First Steps towards Form Finding Romualdo Rivera 2014 Puerto Rico 
Architettura Atopica Segno e Segni delle tensostrutture a membrana. Aldo Capasso 2013 Italia 
Flexible Composite Materials in Architecture Construction and Interiors, Birkhäuser, Basel R. Motro 2013 Suiza  
Tensile Surface Structures  A practical Guide to Cable and Membrane Construction, Ernst & Sohn, Berlin M. Seidel 2009 Alemania  
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“Static Analysis fo Taut Structures” E. Oñate and B. Kröpling (Eds.), Textile and Composite II, 117-139, Springer, The Netherlands R.M.O. Pauletti 2008 Brasil  
Tensoestructuras desde Uruguay Presentación gral. del tema para estudiantes, arquitectos, ingenieros o constructores. Roberto Santomauro 2008 Uruguay 
Leicht Weit – Light Structures Prestel, Munich J. Schlaich, R. Bergermann 2005 Alemania  
European design guide for tensile surface structures Guia completa sobre el tema. Tensinet 2004 Bélgica  
Membrane Structures Prestel, Munich K-M. Koch 2004 Alemania  
The Tensioned Fabric Roof  Craig G. Huntington 2004 USA  
História, Projeto e Análise das Estruturas Retesadas Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo R.M.O. Pauletti 2003 Brasil 
An introduction to cable roof structures. 2nd  Ed. Thomas Telford, London. H.A. Buchholdt 1999 Inglaterra  
Membrane Construction Conection Details Recopilación de detalles Ewald Bubner 1997 Alemania  
Softness Movement and Light FTL - Todd Dalland & Nicholas Goldsmith Robert Kronenburg 1997 USA  
Soft Shells Design and Technology of Tensile Architecture Hans Joachim Schock 1997 Alemania  
Light structures, structures of ligth  Horts Berger 1996 Alemania  
The Art of Portable Architecture  Edited by Jennifer Siegal 1996 USA 
Analysis of geometrically nonlinear structures. Chapman & Hall, New York R. Levy & W.R. Spillers  1995 USA  
Membranes Structures in Japan  Kazuo Ishii 1995 Japon  
Storia e Tecnica delle Tensostrutture dai Ponti Sospesi alle Architetture in Legno Lamellare. Biblioteca di Galileo, Collegio degli Ingegneri di Padova L. Sguerri 1995 Italia  
Tensostrutture. Progetto e Verifica Edizioni CREA, Genova M. Majoviecky 1994 Italia  
Le Tensostrutture a Membrana per l'architettura  Aldo Capasso 1993 Italia  
Introducción a la arquitectura textil  Juan Monjo Carrio 1991 España  
Tension structures Behavior & analysis. McGraw-Hill, New York J.W. Leonard 1988 USA  
An Introduction to Cable Roof Structures Cambridge University Press, Cambridge H.A. Buchholdt 1985 Inglaterra  
Statics, formfinding and dynamics of air-suported membrane structures Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, London V. Firt 1983 Inglaterra  
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Introduction to the theory of thin shells John Wiley & Sons, Chichester H. Mollmann 1981 USA  
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Soft Canopies Academic Editions, New York M. Vanderberg 1977 USA  
Cubiertas Colgantes  Frei Otto 1958 Alemania  
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