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Exotic Dancing Undercover – 5 Tips for Hiding your Job from Family

Dance in a Different City

It may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked; one of the best ways to prevent being discovered as an exotic dancer is to dance in a different city than where you live. While it may seem convenient to dance locally, you run the risk of being seen by the same everyday people that you know in your hometown.

So instead, think about heading for a larger city where you may find that you can blend in with the crowd and you lessen your chance of being spotted by friends and relatives. You don’t want to accidentally run into people that you know who are sure to gossip about you, possibly ruining your reputation.

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Don’t Do Social Media

You may be proud of all the money you make at your job, and how good you feel now that dancing is getting your body into shape, but think twice before you post it up on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms create a digital footprint that will follow you for life, so it’s not worth it to put yourself out there for the world to see.

This is especially true if you mistakenly post it on the same account that has your family and friends listed!

If you have a social media addiction and you can’t resist posting about it, then for your own sake make a new account dedicated to your dancer persona with a separate email so that you can use a pseudonym. Try not to post too many up-close face shots because, through an image search, your profile can be discovered by people that know you outside of the club. People can use information like this to stalk, harass and blackmail you, so it is risky to use social media when you may have future plans to work a vanilla (i.e. normal) job someday. If you do plan on using social media, consider the next point, getting a burner phone.

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Get a Burner Phone!

Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if a friend or family member snooped through your phone and saw the club number? To prevent that from

happening you can get a new number that you can use to disguise any activity from work. A burner phone is a cheap, throwaway phone that you can use for work. Store your phone somewhere secure and don’t let anyone else use it.

This phone can serve as your work phone where you can keep in contact with co-workers or customers. That way, you won’t be giving out your regular number to people that may use it to track you down. Having a burner phone allows you to keep your work life private, saving you from having to separate work from home life. You can also use it for your social media if you chose to without having to use your regular number.

Tell Them You Work as A Bartender or Waitress

After your shift, when you get off work, if you didn’t cash in your tips, you probably have a huge stack of dollar bills to take home with you. If someone discovered that would you be afraid to tell that person that you got that money working as an exotic dancer? Dancing is an awesome profession, but until you are willing to commit to it as a full-time job, you may want to hide the fact that you’re moonlighting as a go go dancer.

An easy way to deal with this is to make up a story that you work as a bartender or waitress. these are two jobs that provide daily pay, easily passed off for what you really do for a living. Even if you want to admit that you do work in a strip club, you can say that you are working as a cocktail waitress, door girl or bartender.

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Why Do Exotic Dancers Wear Garters?

Why strippers wear leg garters

There are several reasons why strippers wear leg garters. Walk into just about any strip club and there’s one accessory that you will usually see on a dancer that serves a very important function – a leg garter. She’s wearing a shiny or satin garter that holds her money on her leg.

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When The First Leg Garters Came Into Fashion

Originally the garter was a functional piece of underclothing that was worn just below the knee, designed to help hold up stockings. It’s design was more about helping you to hold up your silk stocking and it wasn’t meant to be shown off in public.

But, this item of clothing also has a tradition tied to marriage. In today’s world the practice of a bride wearing a garter is symbolic of entering into her new life as a wife.

In the legend the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and he tosses it to the guests at the same time that the bride tosses her bouquet. According to the superstition, the lady who catches the bride’s flowers perhaps will be the one to dance with the man who caught the bride’s garter. He places the garter on her leg and they share a dance together.

That tradition carried over into the strip club world, where a dancer can wear a garter, the customer uses it for tipping and then, hopefully they can share a dance in VIP.

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Why Strippers Wear Leg Garters

While fanciful, strippers wear leg garters for a more useful function. Some clubs require that dancers wear garters because they don’t want customers tipping girls in any other way. Wearing a garter offers you some protection.

If the management doesn’t want customers to touch the girls while they tip them, they are obligated to put the money in the dancer’s garter instead. This ensures that the dancers on the stage get tipped in a respectable way without the customer going overboard with touching. Simply holding your garter out is a sign that you are looking for a tip.

A dancer’s garter is also her nightly money stash. You can keep your tips on you without having to lock them away every time you get off stage. Most dancers arrange their larger bills on the outside of their garter and hold it closed with a rubber band. From there, they are ready to give a customer their dollars in exchange for larger bills, without having to dig through their purses. Using your garter for money exchange ensures that customers always have dollars to tip on stage.

Having your money on your leg also reduces the chance that a customer could steal your purse. While carrying a purse all night is fashionable and useful, having  money garter ensures that you will never lose your money and it will always be at your side. You can always know in a moment how much you made and see if you have reached your goals and how far you have to go.

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Some dancers tie their garters around their shoe, under the heel, for the same purpose if they find that wearing one on their leg is not as comfortable. And, other dancers may use two garters just under their bottom on each leg to accentuate their assets.

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Styles of Garters for Strippers

There are different styles of garters. The most comfortable ones are made of satin or velvet, they stretch and are able to last a long time. Other garters are more meant for fashion, like the sequin ones that may become scratchy or fade after a time from wear.

There is no doubt that the garter is one of the most important and most used items that a stripper has at her disposal! Incorporating a few stylish garters into your costumes looks classy, is functional, and gives you something extra to offer while you are dancing at the club.

Start Wearing A Garter Tonight!

As you can see, wearing a garter while you dance is useful for not only holding your money, it also gives you a different and more controlled way of dealing with customers. Incorporating a garter into your stage routine can be profitable and add something extra to your show.

Having a garter on you enables you to trade in your dollars with a customer at their table, or give change when you are in the Champagne Room or VIP. You can save time giving change on the spot instead of waiting to get change at the bar. You may get an extra tip as well!

And it’s a good way to ensure that no one ever steals your money. You will always have it by your side and won’t have to worry about leaving it somewhere like you would if you had carried a purse with you. Start using a garter tonight and see the difference.

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The History of Exotic Dance

The History of Exotic Dance is a beautiful and exciting journey of women’s sexuality and expression throughout the ages. Exotic dancing is one of the oldest styles of dance in the world. It served to entertain but it also represented fertility, sexuality and it most often celebrated femininity.

According to archeologists, the history of exotic dance began more than 20,000 years ago. It can be found in the Paleolithic cave paintings found in southern France. According to the Exotic dance writer, Maxi Mounds, the footprints of these dancers can still be seen on the floors of the caves where they used to dance.

These types of dances included erotic poses and animal fur costumes. They were intended to celebrate sexuality and the mother goddess of the era. Maxi said in her book that these dances were used to increase fertility, and to represent the hunt – both the hunt for animals, and the hunt for a sexual partner. During these dances, the costumes would be removed by the women in the worlds first ‘strip tease’.

In neolithic Europe near the Black sea, near Romania and Bulgaria in the area of the black sea, dancer statues have been found by archeologists. They estimate their date to be over 9 thousand years old. Some of these statues, called “kouretes” were miniature figures of erotic dancers.

They were developed after the dancers of that era who would use sexual dance to stimulate the goddes History of Exotic Dances and to increase fertility of crops, and for the purpose of reproduction.

These types of dances and dancers have been found all over the world, with an ancient and rich tradition and history. Images of the goddesses of that era show that people preferred a much rounder and heavier look [like the Venus of Willendorf]. It was different in other areas of the world, especially in the middle east and in Africa where a leaner look typified the ideal woman.

Erotic dancing was also used in Egypt, where the women would dance in a sacred fertility ritual. According to Mounds, the most famous of these priestesses was the woman known as Het Heret [the Greek Hathor].

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