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You have business, a website and things are going good. Not great but good... Your trusted friend tells you the other night that you should consider hiring a SEO Expert to get visibility online. Hummm, you think. Good point. You have heard SEO before and how it should be good for your business but you are not sure what it is and why it would be good, if you are really honest about it.

So, here you are looking for information. You are most likely in the Las Vegas area, so that's why you landed on this page.

Awesome. Let me help you out.

First, let's start with what SEO is and why it will help your business. Actually, it is one of the smartest investment you will make in your business, if you pick the right Las Vegas SEO Expert. Let's start with what SEO is: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a eloquent word for getting your website found on the internet for certain keywords. It's important to get found for the right keywords because, let's say you are a chiropractor and somehow, your website is linked to the keywords for dentist. Then, all of a sudden, Google is confused about what your business is about and all your 'organic' traffic is skewed. Understand?

Anyhow, what should you look for in a SEO Expert in Las Vegas? Well, first of all, pick someone that you are comfortable with. Pick someone that asks you about YOUR business and what YOUR goals are. It's very important to get a SEO plan that is designed especially for YOUR business because no two business needs are alike. A cookie cutter approach is not the answer for it usually only means that your website will be spammed with irrelevant links that will not mean much to Google and end up hurting your website and your ranking in the end.

Also be confident in the fact that the size of the Agency does not equal to the amount of current SEO knowledge the Agency has at its disposition. We have encountered plenty of 'big' Agency with very poor SEO abilities that are often outdated for today's SEO trends. So, be careful when it comes to that.

Lastly, be sure to get quotes from the Agencies you interview. It is imperative for you to be able to compare what you are getting from one Agency against another. Not all SEO quotes are created equal and we have seen some very 'slick' quotes out there filled with 'big' words that do not mean much in your SEo project. Look for how many social accounts you will be getting, how many citations you will be getting, how many Press releases you will be getting, link building, etc this is what will matter in the end.

Good luck to you!

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