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Movie Title :Lone Wolf McQuade

J.J. McQuade is a Texas Ranger who doesn't exactly follow the rules, is unruly, and prefers to work alone, which earns the nickname, Lone Wolf McQuade. When he discovers some criminals have automatic weapons, he discovers that they were stolen from the military. He tries to handle on his own, as usual, but in the end, an old friend, and a prisoner, whom he was keeping under wraps, are killed. He is then relieved of duty. But then an FBI agent, who also wants to get these guys, offers to help McQuade, and along with a rookie, they track down the mastermind.

Movie Year : 1983

Movie Genres : Action Drama

ImdbRating : 5.80

The 'Mad Dog' Criminal...The 'Lone Wolf' Lawman...The Ultimate Showdown. Chuck Norris is Lone Wolf McQuade. David Carradine is the man that got in his way. When Norris meets Carradine all hell breaks loose!

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Movie Actors : Chuck Norris:J.J. McQuade David Carradine:Rawley Wilkes Barbara Carrera:Lola Richardson Leon Isaac Kennedy:Jackson Robert Beltran:Kayo L.Q. Jones:Dakota Dana Kimmell:Sally McQuade R.G. Armstrong:T. Tyler Jorge Cervera Jr.:Jefe Sharon Farrell:Molly Daniel Frishman:Falcon William Sanderson:Snow John Anderson:Burnside Robert Arenas:Gas Station Attendant Tommy Ballard:Colonel Jeffrey Bannister:2nd Agent Anthony E. Caglia:Intern Eli Cummins:Redneck #1 Jesus 'Chuy' De La O:Beggar Oscar Hidalgo:Sgt. Garcia

Movie Directors : Steve Carver

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