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Wizard of Gore, The (2007)

Plot outline:
A creepy magician kills his assistants on stage, and resurrects them temporarily.

Entertainment: 4/5
The style of the film was what made it so much fun. It was also helped by Crispin Glover's highly amusing performance as Montag the Magician. 

Gore: 4/5
The head of a rat bitten off, a couple disembowelings, a leg ripped off, a head ripped off, an impaling on a mirror shard and a head crushed. There is a fair bit of CGI.

Nudity: 4/5
All the girls are asked to strip before Montag has his way with them. Most of them go down to their thongs, but thankfully one does have the guts to go all the way.

Final Thoughts: 
This is one of those rare occasions when the remake surpasses the original. The performances are pretty good, and it is helped by the fact that there is actually a plot, however confusing it may be. This one is definitely worth hunting down.

4 Skulls