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Slumber Party Massacre III

AKA Stab in the Dark

Plot outline
Another driller killer is on the loose at a slumber party.

Entertainment: 2/5
What we have here is a classic example of a slasher by numbers.

Gore: 2/5
Drills through a few chests, an impaling with a "For Sale" sign, a harpoon in the leg, and a couple mutilated bodies. I found the death by dildo to be an amusing, albeit not gory, death.

Nudity: 3/5
A girl is dared to strip in a game of truth or dare. Her friends get strangely into it, and another one joins in. In the end both girls get down to their thongs before some boys crash the party. What a bunch of dicks!

Final Thoughts: 
I can't honestly say that I didn't like this movie, but I didn't like it either. There wasn't enough there to make it stand out. It often seemed to stop short of being sleazy right at the last minute. For shame!  

Three Skulls