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Pink Flamingos

Plot outline:
Connie and Raymond Marble take on Divine and her family in a contest to take the title of "filthiest person alive".

Entertainment: 5/5
A wonderfully trashy peice of camp film making. A great laugh to be enjoyed with some friends and free flowing alcohol.

Gore: 2/5
There is a castration scene and some people getting shot.

Nudity: 3/5
There is a fair bit of nudity, both male and female. The blow job scene was remarkably graphic. I'll leave it to you whether that's a good or a bad thing

Final Thoughts:
This one had me open-jawed from beginning to end. This film oozes trash from every orifice. It's difficult to describe a John Waters film to anyone who hasn't experienced it. There really is nothing else quite like it anywhere. The actors are awful by any normal standards, but have a very distinctive delivery that makes their performance very enjoyable. Highly recomended

Four Skulls.