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Plot outline:
A mad scientists tries to put his dead girlfriend back together using the body parts of dead prostitutes.

Entertainment: 5/5
This is a hilarious comedy, it just doesn't let up from beginning to end.

Gore: ?/5
I really have no idea how to rate the gore in this movie. While there are dismembered body parts (including a brain in a jar), I really wouldn't say there is any gore because of how fake it looks.

Nudity: 5/5
Lots of close ups of tits with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it full frontal.

Final Thoughts: 
This is my personal favorite of all the Frank Henenlotter films, and that's saying quite a lot, because his work is always funny and original. The invention of super crack and the over acting of the prostitutes sold it for me, though.

Four Skulls