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Beyond Re-Animator

Plot outline:
Dr. Herbert West is back - in prison this time - and is still trying to perfect his "re-agent".

Entertainment: 5/5
The story was amusing, and the pacing was good. Can't fault it.

Gore: 5/5
A Zombie with no lower mandible, a stabbing, a bloody arm bite, an ear bitten off, a castration, severed body parts, half a man walking around, a guy's skin blows off, and more.

Nudity: 3/5
The lead actress shows us her dirty pillows while snuggling in bed. Later on, the nurse has her robe ripped open to reveal her fun bags.

Final Thoughts: 
Much sillier, and much gorier than the first two, so don't go in expecting more of the same. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Re-Animator, and can't wait for Herbert West's next film.  

4 and a half Skulls