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Dottie Laster



Dottie Laster began work on human trafficking while earning her Master's degree at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.  She studied elective courses through Hamline School of Law in Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary. She next worked for YMCA International Services where she was appointed as an original member of the U. S. Attorney's Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, a task force consisting of F.B.I., Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, Texas Rangers, Houston Police Department, Department of Labor, and YMCA. As a part of this task force, she trained over 5,000 police officers on the issue of Human Trafficking.  She was selected by the US Attorney’s Office to be certified by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement and others on human trafficking. She is the co founder of San Antonio’s Coalition Against Human Trafficking and the past Administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  Dottie has successfully written for over $6.5 million in grants to assist children and victims of human trafficking.


Mrs. Laster has served as technical advisor and/ or producer on TV and movie projects for ABC, MSNBC, WYE Productions, Golden Era Productions and others

She is currently the Executive Director of Million Kids. A group dedicated to ending child slavery and the commercial exploitation of children. Dottie is a recipient of CYH Magazine’s Heritage Humanitarian Award. Dottie lives with her husband and two children near San Antonio, Texas.